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    Quote Originally Posted by hexaae View Post
    Yep, in my case for my heatsink on GL703GS 1mm for VRM only and 0.5mm for VRAM is the best solution in the end. Yes, in the past I thought 0.5 for both VRM + VRAM were good but after some months I noticed some random slowdowns ( = insufficient pad-heatsink contact for the VRM, again).
    ATM after so many experiments (K5Pro, 0.5-1mm Gelid Pads 12W/mK, generic pads with lower 5-6W/mK giving same results, many different thermal pastes like Gelid GC Extreme, NT-H2, MX4, ThermalLight TF8 etc....) I recommend as above + Gelid GC Extreme thermal paste for GL703GS.

    VRM: under big 1mm pad stripe are the silver chokes Inductors to "stabilize" voltage as a resistence, and behind are the MOSFETs that regulate voltage and are susceptible to bad dissipation and too high temps causing whole system slow-downs mentioned above and visible also in the videos. I've read they can normally work at very high temps (~100+ °C)

    This is how I screw back the heatsink in detail:
    - keep gently pressed the heatsink over pads only, don't push down cpu/gpu to avoid "bounce effect" potentially causing micro-holes in the thermal paste when you lift up your hand
    - while keeping heatsink over pads gently pressed, follow screw order carved upon heatsink (1 to 8) but don't screw them tightly yet
    - last pass: screw them tighter following the order again while you apply a very small (!) force over CPU and then GPU

    Hey... I'm not a Electronic Engineer but that's what I've learned so far that could help others, and I'm not responsible for any damage to your HW...
    Can u stack both 0.55mm thermal pads? also do you have whole picture where u place all thermal pads

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    hexaae PC Specs
    Laptop (Model)ASUS Gaming Laptop GL703GS
    MotherboardIntel HM370 Cannon Lake-H
    Memory (part number)32GB DDR4 @2666MHz (dual-channel)
    Graphics Card #1NVidia GTX 1070 8GB
    Monitor1080p 144Hz 17" G-Sync AUO B173HAN03.2
    Storage #11TB SSD Crucial MX300
    Storage #2NVMe Samsung PM916
    Mouse ROG Strix Carry Wireless-BT mouse
    Mouse Pad MouseRug collection
    Headset/Speakers Realtek HD (ALC295)
    OS Windows 10 PRO x64
    Accessory #1 XBox One Bluetooth gamepad
    Accessory #2 Hori Fighting Stick Mini
    Accessory #3 4K Blu-Ray UHD USB Archgon Star
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    Stacking 0.5+0.5=1mm pad you mean? Not at all, definitely not recommended. I can agree since it's just the VRM pad it doesn't have to be super-accurate and I've read some who did it, but it's always better a single compact piece with certified thickness. It's just 6€ 10x10cm 1mm from Amazon...
    Be sure the size of the stripes are perfectly fitting the heatsink grooves over the VRM, not longer or wider than the chips.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blake@ASUS View Post
    Hello rohmuk3333,
    May you help to send to the service center again and provide me the latest RMA number?
    I have asked our technical support to get involved and instruct.
    Thank you.

    Hi Blake , after updating latest NVDIA Driver Version 452.06 , frame drops have been reduced in Rainbow Siege Game , I will test few more games and update accordingly .Hope issue has been resolved completely with the NVDIA update .

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