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The ROG Hyperion GR701 brings an X factor in both form and function that builders around the world have been craving. With support for dual 420 mm radiators, towering video cards, a fully integrated 2-way aluminum graphics card holder, 60-watt device charging and dual front USB-C connectors for compatible ROG motherboards, it is truly a PC chassis in the coveted ROG style.


The GR701 is forged with high-end materials that are given extra treatments and distinctive polishing methods, to deliver the luxurious look and feel that elevates an ROG chassis above its many challenges. Beyond its signature black, the GR701 is also available in a crisp white, offering a contrasting aesthetic for those seeking a different flair.

ROG Hyperion GR701 front hero angle focus on metal accents and aluminum frame


Structure and Style

A front side air intake can provide ample ventilation to get just the right balance of temperatures for your system and graphics cards. This integrates tightly into a bold new look with features like the distinctive diamond-shaped badge on the front, stamped with the famous ROG logo and surrounded by diagonal slashes.

Built for High Airflow

The Republic of Gamers is populated by builders who demand the best, and the Hyperion GR701 delivers top-tier cooling potential with support for 420 mm radiators on the top and in the front of the chassis, while four 140 mm PWM fans come pre-connected to an Aura Sync ARGB fan hub.

  • Support For 2 x 420 mmRadiators

  • Pre-installed 4 x 140 mmPWM Fans

side angle of ROG Hyperion GR701 with two 420 mm radiators highlighted side angle of ROG Hyperion GR701 with four 140 mm PWM system fans highlighted


Multi-function Device Installation

In between the motherboard tray and the front of the chassis sits an innovative vertical installation area that can support a variety of needs. Builders can mount multiple system fans and 2.5-inch SSDs, or a 360 mm radiator, liquid cooling distribution panel, or ROG-themed lighting panel.

  • ROG Hyperion GR701 PC build focus on ROG themed lighting panel

    ROG Themed Lighting Panel​

  • ROG Hyperion GR701 PC build focus on system fans installed on side

    Case Fans​

  • ROG Hyperion GR701 PC build focus on 2.5” SSDs installed on side

    2.5" SSDs​

Ample Cable Management and Routing

Underneath the motherboard tray area, builders will find a chamber 34 mm deep for their cable management needs, and a cable routing channel that’s 46 mm wide and secured by several ROG-branded Velcro straps to keep things looking tidy for the transparent side panel. This chassis also offers a translucent cable cover that can obscure unsightly wiring while letting your RGB style shine through.

rear side of ROG Hyperion GR701 with cable management space highlighted

DEPTH 34 mm for cable management

WIDTH 46 mm for cable routing​

Support For Large Graphics Cards

This highly adaptive case can fit graphics cards up to 460 mm long and 130 mm thick, both horizontally and vertically. So whether you desire a ROG Strix RTX 4090 or other similar sized card, you will have plenty of room to work with.

ROG Hyperion GR701 build focus on ROG Strix RTX 4090 graphics card

460 mm horizontal installation

130 mm vertical installation



  • Tool-free Hinged Side Panels

    To maximize the ease of accessing the interior any time you want, this chassis features a hinged side panel made of tinted glass that simply swings open without requiring any tools, at which point the panel can be lifted up and out of the way if desired.

  • Hidden Drawer​

    To make system maintenance easier, this chassis features a small integrated storage compartment for things like PCIe slot brackets, screws and cable fasteners, so your frequently used widgets are always within easy reach.

  • Built-in Graphics Card Holder

    The ROG Hyperion GR701 features a highly refined integrated graphics card holder, whose lightweight anodized aluminum components can be used vertically or horizontally to keep long graphics cards from sagging, and it offers additional compatibility with the ROG Herculx card holder.

Fan and ARGB Hub

No ROG chassis is complete these days without a built-in hub to control fans and ARGB lighting. This one is emblazoned with a gold ROG logo, and it supports up to eight ARGB components and six PWM fans, so users can add their own illumination and cooling in addition to the lighting board and four case fans already attached.

Support For 8 ARGB Components

6 PWM Fans

integrated ARGB and fan hub of ROG Hyperion GR701


Dual Type-C Fast Charging

The front of any ROG chassis has to offer a host of connectors, and the ROG Hyperion adds to the tradition with two USB Type-C® connectors that can offer up to 20 Gbps of data transfer and up 60 watts of fast charging with a compatible motherboard.

20 Gbps Data transferring speed

60 Watt Fast charge

close-up of ROG Hyperion GR701 front panel focus on two USB Type-C ports


The ROG Hyperion frame is constructed of rugged aluminium alloys forged into a distinctive X that extends from the center of the chassis all the way out to its perimeter. It’s rigid structure doubles up as carry handles capable of bearing up to 80 kg of hardware.

ROG Hyperion GR701 with aluminum frame highlighted


A ROG-themed Lighting Panel

This chassis features an internal ARGB lighting panel that communicates the ROG identity to anyone who gazes within, and it can be displayed on the outside if builders want to make room in that spot for fans or SSDs.

close-up of the attached ROG themed lighting panel outside the Hyperion

RGB-illuminated Aura Sync Front Panel

Builders can optionally activate and customize RGB lighting built into an ROG-stamped front panel section, adding to the wealth of personalization built into this chassis.

close-up of the ARGB components on ROG Hyperion GR701 front panel

Choose Color


  • Low point :

  • High point :

Select Mode

  • Static

  • Breathing

  • Strobing

  • Rainbow

  • Color cycle

  • Starry night

  • Smart

  • Dark

An Enhanced Power Supply Shroud

Last but not least, the shroud for your power supply unit features an open section for PSUs like the ROG Thor, which features a special OLED panel that displays your current watt consumption. The mesh topping the shroud is also shaped to reveal another subtle ROG logo, while being designed to prevent screws from falling within.

close-up of the open section of the ROG Hyperion’s PSU shroud with ROG Thor power supply



The cables and panels of the GR701 White Edition are color-matched to its pristine exterior for a distinctive aesthetic.


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