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Il miglior mouse mai provato!

Mi sono innamorato di questo mouse!

Clearly the best esport gaming mouse I have ever tested so far !

第一次是不是都特别害羞😳啊?丹丹第一次拍摄🎬的开箱视频就是全套ROG的Gaming Gear!你们在用着怎样的Gaming Gear呢?留言告诉我哟❤

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处女秀开箱!一起来开箱看看 ASUS Republic of Gamers 最新的无线外设! Mousepad:ROG Scabbard II Mouse:ROG Keris Wireless Keyboard:ROG Falchion Headset:ROG Strix Go 2.4 Keycap:ROG PBT Doubleshoot Keycap Set

我第一次把油倒在mousepad上,有点怕怕哈哈哈哈哈 虽然这期影片有点长,但是资讯满满哦!

華碩新款 ROG Keris Wireless 電競滑鼠,79克的超輕重量、中小型尺寸、鼠尾短、鼠背不高的設計,適合著指抓、指握的握鼠方式,偏向FPS遊戲的控鼠風格,讓玩家能快速移動與精準操控!而且是首款採用 ROG 微動開關的電競滑鼠,值得玩家一試!

A wireless gaming mouse that should definitely go viral / ASUS ROG Keris Wireless (Gaming Mouse Review)


ROG KERIS Wireless Review

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The new Gaming Mouse Lightweigh 79 gram with ROG switches 70-million-click lifespan 16,000 dpi Wireless mode up to 56 hours 1 charging

Review the new ROG Gaming Gear

You will be very surprised when you see the unique switches used especially in new player equipments.

If you ask if you would take these equipments to your home and use them, yes, I would take these models home and use them.

Yes, friends, PBT material is a much more durable material than its double coated half. This is a very important thing for those who are considering long use and want to make a long term investment.

If you want a mouse to do all my work, this mouse is for you. In other words; "One mouse to rule them all"

Video review at channel Kntent

When you take it in your hand that’s it, that drop perfectly follows the natural position of your hand.