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ROG Strix Riser Cable

Cable vertical ROG Strix 240 mm PCI-E 3.0 x 16 con adaptador de 90 grados, diseño patentado SafeSlot™, blindaje EMI

  • ASUS Patent SafeSlot ™ PCI-E: Con un nuevo proceso de fabricación que integra metal fortificante y puntos de soldadura adicionales, SafeSlot ™ asegura que la conexión de su tarjeta gráfica sea sólida y estable.
  • Flexibilidad, flexibilidad y eficiencia: El diseño delgado, plano y plegable logra la eficiencia y estabilidad de la transmisión, y una fácil administración de cables.
  • Blindaje EMI: Para bloquear la interferencia y la degradación del rendimiento.


Patent Safeslot™ PCIe Design

Disclaimer: The ROG STRIX Premium Riser Cable is designed for only mounting GPU's vertically. Please check riser cable specification and make sure your case has enough space for vertical GPU mounting.

ROG STRIX Premium riser cable with a slim, flat and foldable design allows you to mount and display your graphics card vertically and makes cable management easier. The patent SafeSlot™ PCIe design makes sure your graphics card's connection more stable and safe. With a length of 240mm and compatible with the PCI-E x 16 3.0 standard, the riser cable features a high-frequency and low-resistance PCB design to reduce interference. The exterior has been covered with EMI shielding to completely block interference and performance degradation. Ideal for ROG Strix Helios and compatible cases.

Bendable, flexibility
and Efficiency

SafeSlot™ PCIe

connection protection

Show off your
graphics cards

EMI shielding

High graphics card

Patent SafeSlot™ PCIe

ASUS Patent SafeSlot™ design makes sure your graphics card connection is more stable and safe. Featuring a new single-step, insert-molding manufacturing process that integrates fortifying metal and additional solder points, SafeSlot™ provides stronger PCIe device retention and greater shearing resistance.

Show Off Your Graphics Cards

Full PCI Express 3.0 support and length 240mm for easy installation and display graphics cards in vertically.

High Graphics Card Performance

High-frequency and low-resistance PCB designed to reduce interference, ensure maximum performance.

Bendable, Flexibility And Efficiency

Due to its light weight, resistance to corrosion, flexibility, and processing advantages, this cable has a slim, flat and foldable design which does not affect the cable transmission efficiency and stability, and makes cable management easier.

EMI Shielding

The cable uses EMI shielding to completely block interference and performance degradation.

Strengthen Connection Protection

The strengthen protection with ROG logo has been printed on both sides to avoid signal loss and enhance the durability when connecting to the motherboard and the riser cable is folded or twisted in order to maximize the internal space and optimize the airflow.