The ROG Cetra True Wireless SpeedNova take wire-free play to the next level

Mar 17, 2024 Written by:ROG Article

The black ROG Cetra True Wireless SpeedNova sitting next to the white ROG Cetra True Wireless Speednova on a black surface, each with a wireless receiver next to them.

The future is wireless. Once upon a time, wired peripherals were the only way to experience low-latency, hassle-free gaming, but times have changed. ROG SpeedNova technology is optimized for maximum speed, reliability, and power efficiency — so much so that it’s approved by esports professionals, the most discerning of all gamers. Our latest mice and keyboards already make use of this incredible tech, but we’re proud to announce that we’re bringing it to our earbuds as well. Introducing the ROG Cetra True Wireless SpeedNova for unmatched wireless gaming audio. 

The ROG Cetra SpeedNova delivers ultra-low latency with a dual-mode connection

Most true wireless earbuds use Bluetooth to communicate with your device for easy connectivity and wide compatibility. But on most earbuds, this comes with added latency that makes them nearly unusable for gaming, where the audio needs to sync up perfectly with the action on-screen. In 2022, we released the ROG Cetra True Wireless earbuds, which used low-latency Bluetooth to give gamers an edge over other Blueooth ‘buds. This year, we’re raising the bar again. 

Not only do the new ROG Cetra SpeedNova earbuds include Bluetooth for easy connections, but our new dual-mode connectivity also offers wide compatibility with PCs, consoles, and mobile devices thanks to a USB dongle that offers a much lower latency 2.4GHz connection. This connection uses our ROG SpeedNova wireless technology to create an ultra-low latency, energy-efficient, stable connection for the ultimate wireless gaming experience — and the best gaming true wireless earbuds for competitive play. Choose your ideal connection based on the situation and never compromise on wireless audio again. 

Bask in the bliss of high-resolution audio with active noise canceling

The black ROG Cetra True Wireless SpeedNova sitting next to the white ROG Cetra True Wireless Speednova on a black surface, each with a wireless receiver next to them.

Gamers praise the audio design and soundtracks of titles like Dead Space and Doom almost as much as they praise the gameplay itself. The ROG Cetra Speednova sets you up to enjoy every footstep, gunshot, and haunting ambient noise with immersive clarity, so we packed the ROG Cetra SpeedNova with 24-bit 96 KHz capabilities in its 2.4GHz mode, combined with Dirac Opteo digital optimization for lifelike details. Whether you’re listening to music, watching a movie, or playing fast-paced games, you’ll hear the audio just as the creators intended. 

Gaming in a bustling coffee shop or a loud airplane? Drown out ambient sound with our Adaptive ANC technology, which optimizes noise canceling in real time based on sound reflections from the shape of the ear canal and the in-ear fit, and the Auto mode automatically adjusts the ANC effect to the environment based on the ambient noise level. You won’t have to lift a finger to get the best experience. 

Finally, we’ve also implemented Bone-Conduction AI Microphones. These bone conduction sensors detect the vibrations in your skull to ensure more precise voice pickup, and work with AI Noise-Canceling beamforming microphones to reduce background noise while maintaining natural sound to ensure your teammates hear your voice clearly. 

Flex your flair all day long

The ROG Cetra SpeedNova earbuds take many design cues from their predecessors, with one major upgrade: RGB lighting. With Aura RGB LEDs on the side of each earbud, you can personalize them more than ever, allowing for custom lighting patterns. With up to 46 hours of battery life in Bluetooth mode between the fast-charging case and the earbuds themselves, you can keep gaming all day long. 

The ROG Cetra SpeedNova is just one of the many new products that we announced at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Click here to learn more about our latest laptops, monitors, peripherals, and more. For more information on pricing and availability of the ROG Cetra SpeedNova True Wireless Earbuds in your region, contact your local ASUS representative.