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ROG Raikiri

The ROG Raikiri PC controller features two rear buttons, left and right triggers with short and full range of motion plus dead zone customization, built-in ESS DAC for supreme audio, joystick sensitivity and response curve customization. The ROG Raikiri is ideal for gaming on PC, laptop or the next gen Xbox console.

  • Intuitive rear controls: Left and right buttons can be programmed with in-game commands or used as joystick sensitivity shift
  • Selectable step triggers:   Left and right triggers can be set to short trigger or full range modes, with dead zones customizable in Armoury Crate
  • Premium audio: Built-in ESS DAC ensures immersive audio; other features include 3.5 mm earphone jack and a mute button
  • Extensive customization: Remap buttons, shift joystick sensitivity, RGB Aura lighting and more can be customized via Armoury Crate

Video Reviews

I TESTED the RAREST MANETTE in the WORLD! 😲 (only 4 copies)

6月23日発売!ROG Raikiri 最強のゲーミング コントローラー

こんな背面初めて!ASUS初の背面ボタン付きコントローラー!ROG Raikiriをレビュー [超猫拳]

The ROG Raikiri is a very aesthetically pleasing pad, to be used exclusively with a cable, and has been specially designed for gaming. The integrated ESS DAC is great for improving the perceived sound during gaming and the grip is excellent, ensuring a stable grip. The possibility of customising the pad is very good. The price is affordable.

Asus ROG Raikiri Review | Will these cyberpunk drivers beat the competition?

Media Reviews

ROG Raikiri on table with other gear

Total Control
in Your Hands

The ROG Raikiri PC controller puts all the commands you need in the palm of your hand. It features innovative rear buttons that can be programmed and used as hotkeys or to toggle joystick sensitivity. The left and right triggers offer short and full range of movement, with dead zones easily adjusted via Armoury Crate software. Offering full customization options, including joystick sensitivity and response curve, the Raikiri is perfect for gaming on PC, laptop or the next gen Xbox console. And if you’re on a gaming headset, the built-in ESS DAC treats you to supreme in-game audio.

Tutorial Video

ROG Raikiri series PC gaming controller on the mousepad
ROG Raikiri rear view with rear buttons highlighted

Intuitive Rear Controls

Gain the upper hand with ergonomic left and right buttons that are easier to reach and provide a satisfyingly tactile feel with each click. In addition, the buttons can also be programmed for in-game hotkeys or tweak joystick sensitivity on the fly.

Selectable Step Triggers

The left and right triggers offer a full range of motion and include a short trigger lock mode. Trigger dead zones can be customized via Armoury Crate to suit user preference.

A guy gaming on ROG Raikiri with a headset connected to the controller A guy gaming on ROG Raikiri with a headset connected to the controller

Premium Audio

Plug a headset into the 3.5 mm jack for premium, true-to-life audio, powered by the built-in ESS DAC.

Extremely Customizable

Use Armoury Crate to map buttons, adjust RGB Aura lighting, vibration strength, trigger dead zone, and joystick response curves. It’s easy to tailor controls for any game.

The main Armoury Crate software interface for ROG Raikiri


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