This is a key visual, serving as an alternative when 3D animations cannot be displayed. It features three rows of ROG Ally 3D printed stands in various colors, placed on a silver table, with the caption 'Help your Ally stand tall'.

Help your Ally stand tall

Two ROG Ally handhelds, both supported by a 3D printed stand, back to back with each other on a silver table. Multiple multicolored ROG Ally stands in the background.

The ROG Ally comes with an included stand to hold it upright in the box, but we know that you may want to customize your setup. Don’t break out the paintbrushes just yet – we've made the 3D model available here , letting you 3D print your own stand in any color or material you want.

Please verify that the chosen material can accommodate the weight of your Ally. If you have any questions about load capacity, please contact your 3D printer manufacturer for more information.

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