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  • DrOnTheGo

    5/5 Overall Rating

    For the number of wired and Bluetooth earbuds that I’ve owned over a decade or so, the ROG Cetra True Wireless surpasses these. Great Bluetooth 4.0 coverage, range, low latency performance and ANC are just some of the major features presented. Add to that a quick charging carrying case adds additional hours to its battery life, the ROG Cetra True Wireless offers a compelling premium earbud for either listening or gaming for its price.

    PHILIPPINES 07/26/2022
  • TechBRoll

    TechBroll Gold Award

    Overall, if you can get past the lack of in-ear detection, volume touch controls, and relatively short battery life, the ROG Cetra True Wireless especially considering its price for a ROG product, is a very good option and a good all-around performer, most importantly when it comes to competitive gaming. The active noise cancellation and transparency mode works really well and exceeded my expectations, the sound quality is pretty decent and pleasing out of the box with an option to customize it

    PHILIPPINES 07/01/2022
  • Back2Gaming

    Back2Gaming Best Value

    Overall though, the strong point of the ROG Cetra True Wireless is in its value. With its Php4490 SRP, it competes with JBL’s just released TUNE 230NC at Php5999. While I haven’t gotten around to writing my review of the TUNE 230ANC, acoustically it has a richer presence but ROG’s ANC feels more superb thanks to its fit.

    PHILIPPINES 06/30/2022
  • Gadget Pilipinas

    4.2/5 Overall Ratings

    Even just for the sheer number of features that it brings, the ROG Cetra True Wireless punches above its PhP4,490 price tag. The ANC works great, the wireless charging is a convenient feature to have, and the customizable equalizer is a good plus. If you like bass, it also offers plenty, even without the bass boost feature, all while maintaining good clarity and a fun-sounding airy treble.

    PHILIPPINES 06/13/2022
  • Gizguide.com

    4.47/5 Overall Rating

    For the PHP 4,490 price tag, the ASUS ROG Cetra TWS gaming earbuds get a recommendation from us. It did not focus on the gaming side only as it was able to provide good audio even in movies, calls, and music.

    PHILIPPINES 05/10/2022
  • Gaming PH


    The ASUS ROG Cetra True Wireless is a pair of gaming headphones that delivers excellent sound quality, lightweight and comfortable design for extended hours of gameplay. Effective noise cancellation feature lets you focus on the game, while also allowing you to switch with a tap to ambient mode when necessary if you need to be aware with your surrounding without removing your headphones. Plus, its gaming mode helps you play competitive gaming wirelessly without worrying about lag.

    PHILIPPINES 05/02/2022
  • Geek Culture

    7.0 out of 10

    The help of the extended grip from the earbuds makes removal and storing fuss-free. You will not have to worry about losing your earbuds from the casing, too, as magnets secure them.

    SINGAPORE 05/30/2022

    Readers Review

    In summary, the headphones offer a great overall package. Not only the sound but also the ANC are really very good. Fast charging and sufficient battery life make the Cetra True Wireless a really strong companion in everyday life, and you wouldn't want to miss them during the one or other gaming session.

    GERMANY 10/20/2023

Video Reviews

  • 4/5 candies for this excellent set of earphones. At least equal to the much vaunted Apple Airpods for around half the price.

  • Microphone quality is pretty decent, you’ll probably be using these to talk to your teammates if you’re playing battle royale games and such, so rest assured they can hear you well enough. As for sound quality, it’s actually better than I expected. The 10mm driver inside does a good job of keeping the sound detailed,

  • Build PC GAMER ROG Full White Powered by ASUS à 5000 €

  • In this video, I take a look at the best wireless ROG gaming setup! The ROG Cetra True Wireless, ROG Keris Wireless Aimpoint, and the ROG Strix Scope RX TKL Wireless Deluxe

  • I've never felt comfortable using wireless earphones for gaming as they are known to have some latency issues. However, that has changed with the introduction of the ASUS Cetra True Wireless, a low latency wireless gaming audio solution!

  • gaming headset with active noise cancellation and great sound quality and volume.

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  • FPSでも使える遅延が少なすぎるゲーミングイヤホン【ROG CETRA TRUE WIRELESS】【自作PC/ゲーミングPC/デバイス】

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  • ROG Cetra True Wireless | Best True Wireless Gaming 2022

  • Review the first True wireless from ROG

  • Headset ROG Cetra True Wireless with Ai Noise and RGB

  • Headset ROG Cetra True Wireless with Ai Noise and RGB

  • The ROG cetra wireless is a very good headset for gaming sessions but also for everyday music listening. Moreover, aesthetically they are very nice and the case is also of quality. Finally, they have the USB C port for fast charging and also the possibility of wireless charging.


  • A large over-the-head model ASUS ROG DELTA S Wireless and also True Wireless earbuds ASUS ROG CETRA TRUE WIRELESS, which will not get lost even on the street!


  • We're building a PC for 170,000 but we can't...

  • Compared to Airpods, they sound worse, but they also cost significantly less. And certainly the quality for the money doesn't mean that they are, say, 3x worse than AirPads. For the price, the utility value of the ROG Cetra TW is very good.

  • Rog Cetra Earbuds Yt

  • Hadvon strong games from Rog Cetra True Wireless

  • Video review from the channel KonsumerTV

  • As we have already tested the model in black color, we can say that the scenario is repeated. ROG Cetra True Wireless are excellent and more than excellent.

  • Because of everything shown, the ROG Cetra True Wireless headphones leave with the AX Advanced Design award.

Media Reviews

  • It comes in with strong audio performance, a good mic, and a huge laundry list of features that you really don’t see done well all that often in most earbuds.


    UNITED KINGDOM 07/14/2022
  • The ROG Cetra buds might be aimed at gamers, but they’re an impressive pair of wireless earbuds by mainstream standards.

    Tech Advisor

    UNITED KINGDOM 09/20/2022
  • ASUS White Roundup


    UNITED KINGDOM 07/01/2023
  • The earbuds are stemmed, and I actually quite like it, since it does provide something to grip onto when taking the earbuds out of the case and adjusting in the ear. The earbuds also sit quite securely and comfortably in the ear, which is great since the last thing you want when you’re in the middle of a match is to have to fiddle with your earbud.

    Tech 360

    SINGAPORE 08/31/2022
  • [Build] PC GAMER ROG White Powered by ASUS

    Pause Hardware

    FRANCE 03/26/2023
  • The charging case itself has a sleek, futuristic look – resembling an aerodynamic weapon pod that belongs in sci-fi settings.


    MALAYSIA 01/26/2023
  • However, once you look at all bells and whistles of the Cetra True Wireless, such as good Active Noise Cancellation, balanced audio, low latency and a wireless charging case, it should at least be in your shortlist.

    the axo

    MALAYSIA 12/30/2022
  • One of the biggest shortcomings of wireless earbuds – especially for mobile gamers – is high latency, creating a disconnect between what’s on the screen and the actual audio. If you’re looking for wireless earbuds that can solve this issue, consider the Asus ROG Cetra True Wireless.


    MALAYSIA 07/12/2022
  • The state-of-the-art


    SPAIN 08/24/2023
  • 低遅延に驚き!実用性十分なゲーミングイヤホン


    JAPAN 09/13/2022
  • 【ASUS ROG CETRA TRUE WIRELESS レビュー】低遅延がウリのゲーミングTWS。ANCも中々優秀。


    JAPAN 07/20/2022
  • ROG初の完全ワイヤレスイヤフォン!ROG CETRA TRUE WIRELESSはゲームも音楽も臨場感抜群


    JAPAN 04/29/2022
  • ゲームも音楽もOK! TWSでも低遅延な「ROG Cetra True Wireless」

    AV Watch

    JAPAN 05/20/2022
  • ASUSゲーミングワイヤレスイヤホンはオンラインゲームの良き相棒になれる?【ガジェットレビュー】


    JAPAN 06/04/2022
  • ROG Cetra True Wirelessレビュー!音質や遅延の有無など性能を徹底解説


    JAPAN 06/16/2022
  • Hands on True wireless Asus Rog Cetra


    VIETNAM 05/31/2022
  • The touch controls and smartphone app didn't blow us away. But the excellent audio quality, superior microphone, good ANC and good battery life make it easy to recommend this headset. Even to those who just want to play Pokémon Go: but the low latency of Gaming Mode is a plus-value for gamers.


    ITALY 06/28/2022
  • ASUS ROG Cetra are a good product, with high portability and sound quality that is important in gaming. Although this is mostly a subjective aspect, we appreciate the design selected by ROG, eye-catching to the point. Unfortunately, the software is not perfect and the shape of the stem may not be compatible with all ears.

    Toms Hardware Italy

    ITALY 08/05/2022
  • If you are a ROG fan, go ahead and buy them and you won't be disappointed: these Cetra True Wireless sound good, are comfortable and have low latency for gaming, and have proven to be excellent companions for ROG Phones. For the average feature-price-conscious user, there may well be better alternatives even under €100.


    ITALY 08/19/2022
  • The Cetra True Wireless are a pleasant product that certainly has what it takes to win over mobile gamers, both in terms of versatility and low latency. Music listeners will also be pleasantly surprised, although in the same price range there are products better suited for this type of use.


    ITALY 09/28/2023
  • ROG Cetra True Wireless offers a modern design that fits really well, very good sound performance, good microphones and a number of features that improve the user experience, such as wireless charging. These are not just gaming headphones, but universal headphones that you can use comfortably throughout the day.


    CZECH REPUBLIC 09/16/2023
  • The earbuds feature a stylish and ergonomic design that fits your ears comfortably.


  • Great AirPods Pro alternatives for gamers


  • The ROG Cetra True Wireless ANC Gaming Earbuds come in at an attractive price point of

    Gadget Voize

  • It must be said that the ROG Cetra True Wireless headphones surprised me very positively. The ROG Cetra True Wireless headphones seemed very convincing, but their price is not low either. It should be said right away that, at least on paper, Bluetooth 5 already promises a sound delay of 20 ms to 40 ms, but it is not always fulfilled. For ROG Cetra True Wireless, it is around 50 ms, which is already a very good indicator.


    LATVIA 07/22/2022
  • The ROG Cetra True Wireless are wireless headphones with a wireless charging case and support for EQ/virtual 7.1 using Armory Crate software. Hybrid ANC technology detects and filters noise coming from inside and outside the headphones, enabling an immersive audio experience.

    PC AXE

    SERBIA 01/13/2023
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