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  • Overclocking.com

    Gold Award

    ...if you want to take full advantage of DDR5 overclocking or if you're planning a move to LN2, then this is the card you need and no other! The ASUS team continues to work hard on this "APEX" series thanks to the great team behind the design and BIOS patches.

    FRANCE 10/16/2023

    bronze Award

    As a motherboard that focuses on overclocking, ROG Maximus Z790 Apex Encore has nothing to be picky about. After all, it has already won so many world records for extreme overclocking. We would give ROG Maximus Z790 Apex Encore this motherboard "Bronze" recommendation.

    TAIWAN 10/30/2023
  • Vladimir Pejic Sajt

    Platinum award

    ASUS ROG MAXIMUS Z790 APEX Encore is the latest revision of the APEX board, which is specially adapted to the latest Intel 14th generation processors and their incredibly high consumption, and today we look toget

    SERBIA 11/15/2023

Video Reviews

  • Intel I7 14700k, ON FIRE 🔥🔥

  • Today I'm going to talk about these six new Z790 motherboards from ASUS.

  • And ASUS has even implemented humidity or condensation detectors in key locations, which will inform you in real time with visual LED signals.

    Media Reviews

    • anything that’s part of the ROG Maximus line of motherboards has a strong lineage


      UNITED KINGDOM 10/16/2023
    • Here, as with the processors, we're looking at a refresh of the Z790 chipset, where brands have updated some of their motherboards to add support for Wi-Fi 7. For today's test, we received a copy of the ROG Maximus Z790 APEX Encore. This is the refresh, version 2, or replacement for the ROG Maximus Z790 APEX.


      FRANCE 10/17/2023
    • As we have used the Z790 Apex for a lot of our DDR5 memory tests, we’re really looking forward to seeing what kind of improvement we can see with this board, especially with the new 14th-gen Intel Core processors which we assume to have better memory controller this time.

      Tech Critter

      MALAYSIA 10/18/2023
    • オーバークロック特化マザー!ASUS ROG MAXIMUS Z790 APEX ENCOREをレビュー


      JAPAN 01/13/2024
    • オーバークロック特化マザー!ASUS ROG MAXIMUS Z790 APEX ENCOREをレビュー


      JAPAN 01/18/2024
    • The ROG Maximus Z790 Apex Encore is a motherboard that ASUS designed with one goal in mind: to give extreme overclockers a product to break frequency records in various competitive tests. The motherboard, however, really lacks nothing.

      Hardware Upgrade

      ITALY 11/01/2023
    • ROG Maximus Z790 Apex Encore is the ultimate motherboard for those who want the absolute maximum of everything possible from the LGA 1700 platform right here and now, where the overclocking skills and the quality of the processors with RAM will be the limiting factors.


      UKRAINE 12/22/2023
    • Lab members took a ROG Maximus Z790 Apex Encore motherboard and an Intel Core i9 14900KF cooled with liquid helium. The result was 9,044 MHz, which means that the magic 9 GHz limit has fallen. The Swedish overclocker with the nickname elmor took care of the success.


      CZECH REPUBLIC 10/17/2023
  • Interestingly, with the record, the Asus team pushed harder with the 14900KF and they did indeed hit 9.1GHz, but only for a very short time before the system locked up. The computer was not stable enough at this speed to actually verify the overclocking, but 9.1GHz was technically achieved.


    SLOVAKIA 10/18/2023
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