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Root Nation

Ogliad UA


The Asus ROG Strix 650W power supply is designed for users who want to plug in a good quality power supply to their computer and want peace of mind. It has also been carefully designed so that those who buy many system components such as motherboards and graphics cards from the Republic of Gamers product range can be proud to show that they trust this brand.


TURKEY 2020/01/23

The voltages in the real configuration have always been "in the plus", there is no unnecessary ripple, the efficiency is kept at the promised level of 80PLUS Gold, and 20% overload was given to the source quite easily. You can not worry about the overheating of the components - there is still a solid margin to the critical values.


UKRAINE 2019/12/24

The main advantages for the PSU remain, the silent mode is in place, the stylish appearance (which you shouldn't see anyway), as well as a large fan and a top-end platform.

Root Nation

UKRAINE 2020/08/12

In order for the whole assembly to work for a long time and reliably, in a trio to the motherboard and video card, I took a gold power supply of 650 watts.

Alex Real

UKRAINE 2020/04/09