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Best Power Supply

Asus have taken Seasonics' fantastic FOCUS PLUS range of power supplies and modified it , enhancing the cooling inside. Its a heck of power supply and up for contention already as possibly the best power supply of 2019.


Conseil Config

4 stars and a half out of 5

Build quality is excellent, as well as stability, power consumption and noise level.

FRANCE 2019/09/23

Profesional Review


External aesthetics of the source very carefully. Complete accessory set with external customization capabilities. High internal quality backed by 10 years warranty. Durable fan Long wiring, with 2 CPU cables that measure 1 meter, ideal for towers like the ROG Strix Helios that need such high lengths of this cable to be able to organize it correctly. Despite carrying capacitors, the wiring is not as rigid as that of other competitors.

SPAIN 2019/08/19