Look inside the visual universe of the Republic of Gamers

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Aug 01, 2020 Written by:Katherine_Vu

Breaking conventional rules, taking on new design challenges, and pushing the limits of what great gaming gear can do is a core part of the ROG philosophy. We’ve never shied away from innovation, expanding the field with new devices that allow every type of gamer to perfect their experience. It’s how we’ve set standards across the gaming hardware industry (and smashed our own records to boot, year after year). It keeps us on our game, always pushing toward another win.


Our artistic universe is an extension of that core philosophy. We’ve developed characters, scenes, and visual worlds that reflect our voice in the world.

As gamers and tech enthusiasts ourselves, we’ve always loved the language of video games. We’re inspired by the heroes of sci-fi, cyberpunk, and fantasy—and we’ve spent incredible amounts of time obsessing over hardware that can render those worlds as fast and in as vivid detail as possible. So today, we wanted to share a deeper look into our worldview in that same visual language with our new video, “RE:IGNITE.”

Standing up for ROG

ROG stands for the “Republic of Gamers.” While that particular republic includes every gamer with exceptional taste in gear (ahem), it extends to our fictional universe too. For us, gaming is more than a hobby: it’s an entire way of life. With our worldview, we built a universe that reflects that vision and also celebrates the fast-paced action and storytelling of our favorite games.

In the video, our heroes are called upon to fight against an oppressive and conformist power. Outnumbered in the face of an impossible challenge, they band together and finally achieve a real shot at victory.

This is the story of all gamers, really. Whether you’re hopping into multiplayer or looking for your group, we’ve all charged into battle with a motley crew of strangers to somehow steal victory from the jaws of certain defeat. (Note: saving your gold rose from being trampled by a wayward runner in Animal Crossing counts too). That’s why we wanted to tell this story: to represent our shared experience and illustrate our philosophy in a more engaging way.

Telling the story of our worlds

Every visual in the video was designed to represent our philosophy and sci-fi inspired vision of the future. The tech enhancements you see symbolize our commitment to hardware and figuratively show how gaming itself is embedded in our DNA.


Our full lineup of heroes—Akira, HORSEM4N, Se7en, AchT, GO, and OMNI—subtly highlights different aspects of our community and hardware. For instance, Akira is a battle-ready warrior tough enough to take on any challenge and Se7en is agile and light on her feet. These traits evoke the fusion of speed, power, aesthetics, and portability in each of our gaming devices. And while each of our heroes are all incredibly powerful on their own, with abilities ranging from adrenal overclocking and lightning speed to instant digital teleportation, their combined power far outstrips the sum of their parts.

This is how we see the gaming community at large. We’re at our best when everyone, from digital artists to streamers to professional esports athletes, is together. Equipped with the right gear and the right technology, tailored to the right people, we can change the world.

We look every day to empower gamers to find their true abilities, embrace the things they love, and tell their own unique stories. All the tech we develop is about giving gamers the tools they need to perfect their experience. Regardless of how niche their curiosities are or how on the outskirts their interests might feel, they can find a product that’s an ideal fit for them and customize it for an even more personal expression of their gaming DNA.

Realizing the Republic

Making the video was a labor of love. Each cut is carefully timed and precisely calculated for dramatic effect. We took inspiration from games, anime, and our favorite comics in choosing pivotal moments and images to use throughout the cinematic.


Even the theme song was written to evoke the same emotions as our visuals. Its rhythm is upbeat and insistent, stirring up strong feelings that help motivate listeners. It’s since become our fight song, pumping us up and keeping us pushing forward no matter how hard things get.

Arranged and performed by Japanese rock musicians, Mashahiro “Godspeed” Aoki and Shota Namaka, with vocals by singer Emi Evans, this song is our call to action. Using instruments and styles from around the world (and from multiple genres like electronic, power metal, and nu metal), the music itself crosses cultures to help underscore our central message of a world united through gaming.

The gaming revolution

Freedom is a foundational tenet at ROG. For us, that means giving gamers the tools they need to break with convention, to dare to play, and to rule their own destiny. We aim to give gamers the power to do whatever their mind is set to and we make technology that moves the whole industry closer to that goal.


ROG consistently pushes the boundaries of design, speed, precision, resolution, and cooling in service of enabling greater gaming freedom. The huge variety of products we make, from the niche to the necessary, makes high-quality experiences readily available to everyone who wants to play. To that end, we’ve also increased the variety of styles and colors our devices are available in, on top of making them more customizable with features like RGB, our one-of-a-kind AniMe Matrix LED display, and more.

Every gamer should be able to connect with their gear in the way that feels right. It’s our primary focus here at ROG, because we are gamers, we see gamers, and we want to take everyone to the next level.