The special edition ROG x ACRONYM Zephyrus G14 melds uniquely premium design and hardware

Sep 19, 2020 Written by:Katherine_Vu

Gamers with an eye toward futuristic and sustainable design should look out for the latest ROG collaboration. We’ve partnered with premium technical apparel design agency ACRONYM® to create a special edition of the ROG Zephyrus G14 gaming laptop. 

Finding identity in ACRONYM® 

Though this is ACRONYM’s first official foray into high-end gaming hardware, they’ve been a pioneer in the technical apparel industry since their founding in 1994. In the 26 years since, their agency has built an extensive design portfolio dedicated to fusing singular style with the latest technology.  

Whether they’re designing product lines for Nike and Arc’Teryx, virtual video game gear for Square Enix and EIDOS, or creating clothing under their own flag, ACRONYM has proven themselves visionaries in the field of technical apparel, meticulously crafting utilitarian designs with top-notch materials. Their commitment to sustainability makes them especially unique, ensuring that their work extends far beyond style.  


By sourcing premium materials like the latest generation Gore-Tex® Pro fabric and high density, military-spec gabardine, they create clothing that can be worn anywhere, to do just about anything.  Their chosen fabrics are often waterproof and windproof, in addition to being stylish, making them perfect for traveling to any environment around the world.  

Their clothing tends to be structurally unique, often likened to sci-fi aesthetics.  However, their designs are most “futuristic” in the sense that they are created with a specific future in mind: a world to come that’s sustainable, responsible, and optimistic. 

This forward-thinking design philosophy made them a natural design partner for the Republic of Gamers. Our premium gaming hardware is powerful enough for pro-level work and play, while also being customizable enough that every gamer can express their singular style. ACRONYM consistently shows their understanding that an aesthetic isn’t just about how something looks: they’re a form of freedom. Together, we’re focused on creating devices that allow our audiences to share their personal story, their way. 

The ultimate utilitarian machine 

No device better epitomizes the convergence of style and technology than the ultraslim ROG Zephyrus 14. As the most powerful 14” gaming laptop on the market, it’s the ultimate utilitarian machine. Well-equipped for both everyday multitasking and gaming, and engineered with high-end materials lightweight and resilient enough to travel anywhere, the Zephyrus G14 was the ideal canvas for ACRONYM’s first gaming hardware design. 


On a pure component level, the Zephyrus G14 is a beast. It boasts a punchy 8-core 16-thread AMD® Ryzen™ 9 CPU and a potent NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX™ 2060 GPU, which gives it the power for content creation, like editing videos or streaming and lets it blaze through tons of modern titles. It also rocks a slick IPS-level display that’s Pantone® Validated for color accuracy, in addition to Adaptive Sync variable refresh rate technology for ultra-smooth gaming.  

That it manages to do this all in a slick, 14” chassis that’s less than 20mm thin takes it to a new level entirely. Its unique design is crafted from top-tier materials, from its magnesium alloy deck to its aluminum lid, that allow it to be as light as it is strong. Visually, it’s also distinguished by its one-of-a-kind AniMe Matrix™ LED display, giving gamers and creators a whole new platform to show off custom animations, text effects, and audio visualizers. 

Reimagining the premium experience 

The special edition ROG ZEPHYRUS G14 ACRNM RMT01 builds off this base and enhances it with distinct visual features. ACRONYM®’s vision touched every aspect of the laptop, from the materials it’s made from to the overall look and feel. Custom materials, etching, machining, specially developed paints, and two completely original typefaces were needed to fully realize their vision. 


Precision etchings along its sides evoke the idea of the machine itself: a precision-crafted tool that also takes great technical care to make. While its stark black color is sleek enough to blend into any environment, a closer look reveals striking touches, schematic markings, and iconography that invite curiosity. Every detail on the laptop was carefully considered. Even the AniMe™ Matrix is equipped with eight custom animations exclusive to this device. 

Leaving no stone unturned, ACRONYM® even designed the custom packaging for the device to fully follow through on the philosophy of sustainability. Everything from the box to the unique ACRONYM® Airpak laptop sleeve is designed to be reusable and recyclable.   

Airpak_A_Part_Final Official

Every aspect of the design, from the colors and graphics of the laptop exterior to the way the user experiences the keyboard, reinforces the specific story ACRONYM® wanted to tell. The laptop’s unique aesthetic is meant to toy with expectations of what a gaming laptop should be and broaden possibilities for the future. 

This is a bold new frontier in gaming technology, fusing next-gen style with next-gen hardware for the next generation of gamers. Check with your local ROG retailer to find out how to take one home for yourself.