SupremeFX IV

Amped For Perfect Audio

SupremeFX has been a staple addition to Republic of Gamers motherboards ever since the very first Crosshair. Its design has always focused on improving sound quality beyond the standard that most motherboards included to benefit gamers' ears. While never a substitute for a Xonar sound card, in the intervening years SupremeFX has evolved to push onboard audio quality to its very limits thanks to ROG R&D innovations. As a brand encompassing a variety of premium and exclusive audio technologies, SupremeFX IV builds on SupremeFX III features that include RedLine physical PCB separation and audio isolation, large 1500uF 'buffer' capacitor, EMI aluminum cap and gold plated audio jacks. SupremeFX IV additions include specially selected low ESR capacitors used in pro-audio applications and a high fidelity TI 6120A2 300 ohm headphone amplifier to boost the sounds gamers can hear. In addition, optional software features include DTS Ultra PC II and DTS Connect.
SupremeFX IV
SupremeFX IV on the Maximus V Formula

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