VGA Hotwire

For those that know their way around a soldering iron and want to kick it up a notch, the VGA Hotwire gives users a chance to boost their graphics cards performance. In order to overvolt graphics cards in the past, one needed to have a steady hand to solder, but amidst the numerous tiny resistors in LN2 smoke, that can be a bit difficult. Using the VGA hotwire feature, simply solder two wires on to a graphics card and connect them to a dedicated header connection on the motherboard and you’ll be overvolting your graphics card in no time. It’s easily accessible and adjustable from the OC Panel, OC Key, UEFI BIOS, OSD TweakIt/Monitor or TurboV screens. It is exclusively available for the ROG Extreme motherboards and on the OC Panel. vga-hotwire-oc-panel

VGA Hotwire in the OC Panel

VGA Hotwire

VGA Hotwire pins on ROG Extreme series motherboards


VGA Hotwire sockets on ROG Matrix series graphics cards

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