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    Asus ROG Ryujin, maksimum sessizlik ve ekran gibi lüks ama güzel bir şeyi önceliğe alanlar için tercih edilebilecek iyi ama doğal olarak 1400 liralık fiyatıyla da lüks sınıfta bir AIO çözümü.

    Türkiye 09/02/2019
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  • Techtest.org

    very good

    Nevertheless I can fully recommend the ASUS ROG Strix XG49VQ to gamers! Even if the price is with just under 1000€ surely quite juicy. Nevertheless the gaming experience on the XG49VQ is something completely different!

    GERMANY 08/27/2019
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  • prad.de


    With a current street price of €1,065, the ASUS XG49VQ will cost you a little more. But for the money you get a maximum immersive gaming experience away from VR on huge 49 inch. As a classic gaming monitor it receives a purchase recommendation from us.

    GERMANY 08/13/2019
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  • gamestar.de

    Gold Award

    - very wide picture surface - 144 Hertz - FreeSync 2 support - low input lag - very good colour representation - high contrast - slender frame - many ergonomic options - well structured monitor menu

    GERMANY 03/27/2019
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  • Techtesters.eu


    That being said, given the excellent physical presentation, supportive features, and the fact that the performance is excellent with regard to gaming, it is certainly one to look seriously at if you are looking for exactly such a super super ultrawide .

    NETHERLANDS 04/05/2019
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  • Muy Computer


    Recomended for those who want to go deep in Gaming.

    SPAIN 02/18/2020
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  • NewEsc España


    One monitor to dominate all

    SPAIN 12/28/2019
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  • PC Market

    PCM Best of I.T Award 2019

    Great visual effect

    HONG KONG 03/23/2020
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  • Bu dev monitör özellikle tek monitör ile birden fazla ekranın deneyimini arayanlara güzel bir çözüm

  • Ekran son derece muhteşem görünüyor.

  • Have you checked out Zizan Razak 's latest all ROG PC build lately!? 🤩 If you haven't, click on the link and admire this absolute beauty of a build!

  • Personally, I really liked the monitor - this is an indescribable experience of interaction both in games and in everyday work.

    Medya İncelemeleri

    • Ekran son derece muhteşem görünüyor.

      Posta Gazetesi

      Türkiye 11/10/2020
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    • Recommended


      SPAIN 02/19/2024
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