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ROG Ryuo III 360 一體式 CPU 水冷散熱器搭配 Asetek 第 8 代幫浦解決方案、Anime Matrix LED Display,以及 ROG ARGB 散熱風扇

  • 最新第 8 代 Asetek 幫浦配備三相馬達,以更高流量和更低阻抗提供極致的散熱效能
  • ASUS 獨家 Anime Matrix 為 mini LED 陣列,可顯示 ROG 獨家動畫內容、核心系統狀態,以及自訂的動畫
  • 優質 ROG ARGB 風扇提供高氣流和最佳化噪音
  • 鋁合金組件和真空鍍膜可提供高耐用性和最佳美學
  • ROG Ryuo 系列的風格與高階組裝電腦核心的 ROG 主機板相得益彰



Do this piece reduce the temperature of the 13900 processor and the rhizen 9, or laugh at people ???

Video review from the channel TheTanelChannel. Rating 6.5/10

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Ultimate RTX 4090 Gaming PC Build!

Benchmarking a BEAST of a PC! Intel 13900K + DDR5 7200 + RTX 4090 OC

The 8th gen Astek pump in ROG Ryuo III is so quiet and has no problem keeping the Ryzen 9 7950X above 5GHz for sustained period.

This new AIO Cooler from ROG impressed me

ASUS ROG Ryuo III - AniMe Matrix & Armoury Crate

I BUILD the ULTIMATE AMD PC at 3500€ !

GAMING PC CONFIG 3000€ : Build & FULL Test

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It simply exceeds my expectations.

This is the 'coolest' AMD-based system

Mainboard is smart and convenient now! - In the hands of ROG Strix Z790-E Gaming Wifi + i5 13600k

The ROG Ryuo III ARGB is a heatsink that boasts excellent aesthetics and design. The fans that reach a maximum speed of 2200 rpm have excellent build quality and are not noisy at all. Performance side, it is noticeable that it is a high-end and quality product. In fact, it fully passed the stress test. In conclusion, we are looking at a top-of-the-line product from first-class performance.

The ROG SWIFT PG259QN 360HZ is a top-of-the-line monitor with excellent performance. In fact, what is excellent is not only the image quality but the monitor also passed the color texture test.

To assemble my pc, I used the TUF Gaming AX6000 WiFi Router, TUF GT 502 case, ROG Ryuo III heatsink, TUF Gaming VG28UQL1A monitor, TUF Gaming TF120 ARGB fans, graphics card GeForce RTX 4080 TUF O16G, TUF Gaming 1000W Gold power supply, TUF Gaming AX3000 router

Assembling a Custom PC in 2023 is easier than ever. Here is the ultimate guide to assemble your Gaming PC or work PC with all the tips on how to assemble an Intel, AMD and NVIDIA PC. For the guide I decided to use several products including the Asus ROG Crosshair X670E motherboard and Asus ROG Strix Z790 as well as an Asus ROG Ryuo 3 360mm heatsink

I was not fully satisfied with my PC workstation and decided to make an investment and build my own build. Such a machine is definitely a step forward in terms of performance for handling video editing and streaming. I used an Asus rog strix b760 g gaming WiFi D4 motherboard, Asus TUF Gaming rtx 4070 ti gpu, Asus rog loki 850w power supply, Asus rog ryou 3 heatsink and Asus prime case ap201.

Used for Diablo pc assembly

ROG RYUO III liquid cooling is really successful in gaming, the reasons for this are the 8th gen Asetek pump, the large copper surface of the sub cooler and the addition of two more liquid channels in the radiator.

Asus ROG RYUO III 360 ARGB liquid cooling system will fit perfectly into a powerful game PC. It is difficult to argue with its high productivity. Therefore, compared to other three-section solutions, we either have an advantage of 1-7 ° C or similar efficiency at much lower noise level.


stream PCDIY by Asus

Tuff Gaming PC 🫵🤩 A group at the end of the year and the experience of Nafidia technologies

The most powerful group ROG!

Tuff Gaming PC 🫵🤩 A group at the end of the year and the experience of Nafidia technologies

Do this piece reduce the temperature of the 13900 processor and the rhizen 9, or laugh at people ???

The Assus B760 -f and the 13th generation Etell I7 processor

Installation and construction of ASUS collection from A to Z with the testing of Gaming PC Build 2023

The performance of the Set App 2023 !! (Rog Strix RTX 4080)

Design, quality of materials, ease of installation, performance, AniMe Matrix screen, warranty.

Video review from the channel HDTanel. Rating 6.5/10

Video review from the channel StupidmadWorld




Ryuo III 360 ARGB


使用 ROG Ryuo III 360 ARGB 輕鬆為高效能裝備散熱。 其優質外殼框住可自訂的 AniMe Matrix 顯示器,讓使用者以獨特方式展現其品牌忠誠度。其深層內部是第 8 代 Asetek 幫浦,將冷卻液輸送至更高容量的散熱器,並由 120mm ROG ARGB 風扇加以冷卻,讓您的 CPU 有足夠的餘裕來靈活處理所有任務。


  • ROG AF 12S ARGB 風扇
  • 散熱器

Anime MatrixTM LED 個人化

  • 系統監控
  • Aura Sync
  • Pixel Editor

十種獨家 ROG 動畫可供使用者透過 Matrix 螢幕播放。選擇您最愛的動畫並自訂播放順序,或使用 Pixel Editor 創作自己的動畫!

ROG 獨家提供十種預設動畫


ROG Ryuo III 系列配備 400mm 管路,並相容於多種 Intel® 和 AMD 主機板平台,為您提供充足的處理器和組裝彈性。

支援 CPU 插槽

  • Intel®

    LGA 1700, 1200, 1150, 1151, 1152, 1155, 1156

  • AMD

    AM5, AM4​



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