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  • TechGuru


    Bộ nguồn Thor 850W Platium mới cũng đã được tích hợp màn hình hiển thị OLED, giúp hiển thị tổng năng lượng hệ thống theo thời gian thực

    VIETNAM 05/23/2019
  • pcgameshardware.de

    Top Technology

    Asus not only focuses on performance and quality of the power supply components, but also on design and gimmicks like a load indicator and ARGB on the side

    GERMANY 09/01/2022
  • GameWave


    ...the ROG Thor 850W Platinum PSU is a king of its own kind, capable of competing with many competitors thanks to its very appealing build quality and price positioning.

    FRANCE 04/12/2022
  • Latest in Tech


    9.5/10 & Highly Recommended

    AUSTRALIA 10/04/2021

Video review

  • Doigby discovers his new 4000€ Gaming PC

  • I'm excited because I've been dreaming of doing a collaboration with Asus for years and we're finally here! Today we will assemble my new computer for the one million special. I can't wait then to try this ORG Wingwall, I think I'm one of the first to try it and it looks super cool.

  • Used for Diablo pc assembly

  • The ROG hyperion GR 701is a recent build, super functional. This case has mammoth dimensions, it is very convenient, it opens magnetically, the flaps are very convenient for carrying. The build looks clean, everything is spacey and perfectly matched. The video card is beastly, the aesthetic details are great.

  • It is definitely a very special model among the RTX 3080 Ti models. A very successful graphics card has emerged with its stylish design and excellent cooling that does not exceed 60 degrees.

  • PC build

  • ASMR PC build

  • Sometimes color fans and even OLED screens are put in some power supplies.

Media review

  • Take on the popular Mini-ITX homebrew challenge with ASUS B550 motherboard and ROG Z11!


    JAPAN 03/10/2021

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