The ROG Chariot gaming chair is decked out in RGB lighting

Jan 07, 2019 Written by:ROG Article


Building the ultimate gaming setup is more than a blazing-fast desktop, immersive monitor, and customized input. You also need a comfortable chair—a throne that can support your back, hold your arms in an ergonomic position, and form to your legs. It must be adjustable, accommodating bodies of different shapes and sizes, and its materials need to be easy to maintain. Bonus points if the chair adds style to your lair.

Our ROG gaming chairs draw inspiration from the world of automotive racing to promote good posture and provide increased comfort as you dominate the battlefield. The ROG Chariot and Chariot Core share common construction, but the deluxe Chariot adds RGB lighting to help amp up your experience.

Intense lounging

First and foremost, a gaming chair has to fit you properly, and these ones have your back. Memory foam located in the headrest and lumbar pillow molds to your body and provides support during the most intense marathon sessions. Fully adjustable armrests keep your elbows at a 90° angle and close to your sides—the ideal position when you’re manning a keyboard. They move up and down, forward and back, left and right, and they also rotate in and out. A four-level gas lift makes height adjustments quick and easy to do by feel alone, while the large reclining back sweeps you off your feet when it’s time to take a break.


We designed these gaming chairs to last, too. The all-steel frame contributes long-term durability, and the materials are resistant to the constant wear they’ll endure thanks to imported polyurethane fabric. The high resilience cold foam surface was specifically chosen for its added support and ability to stay cool so you don’t get uncomfortably warm during marathon gaming sessions.  

Dial your seating to 11

The Chariot Core maxes out on comfort to keep you playing your best, while the second version kicks things up a notch with RGB. Dubbed the ROG Chariot, this model embodies the signature style and features that ROG is known for. Imbued with Aura RGB lighting, it takes your gaming throne to the next level. RGB LEDs show up in several places throughout the chair, including a backlit ROG logo behind the headrest. An illuminated infinity mirror effect gives the chair’s front side a bit of TRON-like pizazz. The lighting color and pattern is controlled through a switch on the underside of the chair, so there are no trailing wires.

In order to keep the area around the Chariot tidy, and to avoid trip hazards, it’s powered by a battery stashed in a pocket under the seat. You can slip any 10,000mAh battery into the chair’s dedicated pouch and it will provide up to 11 hours of lighting while you game.

The ROG Chariot Core will be available in Q1 of 2019, while the tricked-out ROG Chariot ships in Q2. Check with your local retailer or ROG representative for details on pricing and availability in your region.

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