For more than a decade, the Republic of Gamers has been dedicated to building hardware that helps gamers play their best. Over the years, the ROG brand has become synonymous with success. Our iconic mask logo decorates the jerseys of esports teams like Echo Fox, SKT1, NIP, and NRG, denoting the choice of champions. They also use some of our gear when they play, and we supply competition hardware to top tournaments. Streamers like Lirik, Grimmmz, and Dethridge are all card-carrying members of the Republic, too, playing on ROG hardware as they broadcast to fans around the world.

But ROG isn’t just about kitting out the pros who compete for glory on global stages. Our community is filled with legions of loyal fans playing with pride on the same hardware as their heros. And though we might spend our days competing against each other, we’re united, our rigs decked out in the same shades of red, grey, and black.

meta1Compression Sleeve in red ($20 USD) and Construct Dryfit t-shirt ($30 USD)

Smells like team spirit

Last year, we launched a line of ROG clothing with Meta Threads, a company that specializes in gaming garb, produces the jerseys for numerous pro esports teams, and makes fan merchandise for popular streamers. Yen Hoang, Marketing Manager at ASUS, leads the development of our ROG collection along with Meta Threads’ creative team. Yen does all of our swag and apparel for events like Blizzcon and PAX but said that over the last couple of years, fans visiting the booth have been eager for more than the conventional water bottles and pins.

ROGxMETA5Unstoppable cap in red ($30 USD)

“We received positive feedback from surveys that we collected throughout different events and realized that our fans are really in tune with how they dress and that what they perceive as gaming wear goes beyond esports jerseys,” Yen says. “Quality and design are so important to these folks, so we wanted to make sure we did it right. That’s what led us to Meta Threads. Working with more than 20 different esports teams, they’re well known for producing quality apparel in the gaming industry. Our first collection sold out almost immediately after PAX West 2017, much to our surprise!”

But Meta Threads President Steve Nabi says he knew from the start that combining Meta's background in streetwear with ROG’s respected status in the gaming community was a recipe for success.

"We view gaming culture to be as significant as any other alternative sport that has impacted mainstream fashion," Steve says. "We wanted to apply our background in streetwear and fuse that with gaming design elements, and ROG is a highly respected brand and known for quality products. We knew that partnering on a collaborative line would be successful."

ROGxMETA4Vektor full-zip hoodie ($75 USD)

Last year’s monochrome collection featured statement pieces in cool black and white, and allowed fans to fly the flag for ROG even when away from their battlestations. This year, we’ve produced a more focused collection. The latest range includes more options for women, as well as a couple of new pieces that help you play your best.

Debuting at PAX East, the 2018 line does away with the stark black and white of last season in favor of bolder, cyberpunk-inspired designs and a color palette that’s instantly recognizable for ROG fans. Predominantly black and red, every article features our Republic of Gamers mask. It even appears as part of the collage-patterned accents on the sleeves, hoods, and hems of our sweaters and tees.

Step up your game

While our debut line focused more on streetwear, the 2018 ROGxMETA collection is made to fit your gaming lifestyle.Chic, form-fitting leggings and cotton sweatpants ensure maximum comfort as well as ease of movement during more active gaming sessions, like VR, where you spend more time on your feet than in your seat. We’ve also created a couple of articles to help you stay in control when temperatures start to rise.

ROGxMETA2Men's Vektor Dryfit t-shirt ($35 USD) and Women's Construct Dryfit t-shirt ($35)

Small rooms can get stiflingly hot during extended gaming sessions, whether it’s multiple friends set up in the same room for a LAN, or a full team of pros crammed into a tiny competition booth. In gaming, we put a lot of effort into ensuring key components don’t overheat, and keeping yourself cool is just as important. The new ROGxMETA dryfit t-shirts are made from performance material that wicks away moisture as you sweat. Available in both mens and womens cuts, they keep claminess under control, whether your perspiration is environmental or just from the stress or the game.

ROGxMETA3Vektor full-zip hoodie ($75 USD) and Cyber Tech crew sweater ($55 USD)

Also new for 2018 are compression sleeves that reduce friction between your forearm and the mousepad. In the heat of battle, sweat and humidity can interfere with smooth movements, especially in first-person shooters, where precision and quick reactions are paramount. The sleeves glide effortlessly across large desk mats like the ROG Scabbard, offering unrestricted movement, and they’re available in two distinct styles.

When things slow down, you can wrap up warm in a snuggly ROG hoodie. This year’s design is available in a cozy red-and-black pullover style that’s perfect for people who play into the night, when your body temperature is lower and you’re more likely to feel the cold. For shorter breaks between matches, the subtler grey-and-black zip up is ideal for layering and easy to shrug on and off.

ROGxMETA6Republic t-shirt ($25 USD), Construct leggings ($35 USD), Construct Dryfit t-shirt ($35 USD), and Cyber Tech crew sweater ($55 USD)

The new ROGxMETA line is available now exclusively through Meta Threads, but attendees at PAX East will have first dibs on the full line. However, whether you're shopping online or at PAX East, if you buy early, you'll receive a little something extra in your shopping bag. The first 50 people to buy online or at the event will receive an exclusive ROGxMETA pin that isn't part of the main collection. If you are at PAX East, come see us and say hi! We’ve got a bunch of great hardware and awesome giveaways organized for the show. You can find us at booth #16001 at the Boston Convention Center from 10am to 6pm from April 5th through April 8th.

Unisex Construct pull-over hoodie $70 USD

Men's Construct Dryfit t-shirt $35 USD

Women's Construct Dryfit t-shirt $35 USD

Construct legging $35 USD

Construct jogger $35 USD

Unisex Vektor full-zip hoodie $70 USD

Men's Vektor Dryfit t-shirt $35 USD

Women's Vektor Dryfit t-shirt $35 USD

Unstoppable cap (Red) $30 USD

Unstoppable cap (Black) $30 USD

Cyber Tech crew sweater $55 USD

Republic u-cut t-shirt $25 USD

Cyber Tech t-shirt $25 USD

Compression sleeve (Red) $20 USD

Compression sleeve (Black) $20 USD