We revisit Star Wars Battlefront II and its galaxy-spanning ambitions

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Jan 30, 2021 Written by:ROG Article

The ROG team lives and breathes gaming, but even we can’t play them all. We’re only human, and sadly don’t have time to play through all the great PC games that launch every year. 2017’s Star Wars Battlefront II slipped through the cracks for many of us, but this sprawling single- and multi-player game certainly wasn’t lacking in ambition. It brings characters and landscapes from across the entire Star Wars universe together in glorious combat. A recent Epic Games Store giveaway brought this title back to the team’s attention, and our own Brian May and Eric Born traveled to a galaxy far, far away to check out the action. Here’s their report.

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brianThe resurgent interest in Star Wars Battlefront II couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I grew up with The Clone Wars animated series and games such as Rogue Squadron II and Battlefront (2004), and I have been aching to relive those classic moments. Now, my Star Wars video game withdrawal has finally come to a close. Like 19 million other fans, I was drawn in when Epic gave away the game for free, and was delighted to find full lobbies, a vibrant community, and the Star Wars action that I craved. Three years after its release, this is the game that I always hoped it could be.

Pitched battles for fortified command posts return in my favorite game mode, Supremacy. These massive 20x20 battles range from all-out ground war to frantic fights in cramped corridors aboard airborne capital ships. The sheer scale of the battles means that coordinated teamwork is paramount. Every time a team takes down a capital ship, destroyed, comrades-in-arms often congratulate each other and drop a “GG'' as these Supremacy matches can last up to an hour. I have a particular itch for Clone Wars lore, so I particularly love the battlegrounds from that era, but there are several other settings that cover the full Star Wars timeline, too.

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With the reworked hero system, working to earn your chance at some time in the boots of a fabled Star Wars character is equally challenging and rewarding. Heroes are awarded to those with the highest objective based points, incentivising team players to push for a common goal. At the first opportunity, I took on the immense power of the villainous robot General Grievous. The feeling of chopping down clones as the General was so satisfying. I was finally brought down after a 10 kill streak. While I played the General, the opposing team chat spammed Clone Wars refrences and jokes, constantly calling me “a stupid clanker” or asking if I needed an inhaler. The gentle ribbing I received reminded me that few games have such energetic, dedicated fans that immerse themselves fully into the lore—and create a fun and safe environment.

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Role playing isn’t new to the Star Wars community, but higher-ranked players often take it to a whole new level. Veterans regularly welcome new players by referring to them as recruits or “CTs” (clone troopers) followed by identification numbers. The opportunity to play as a wide variety of Star Wars personages from the far corners of the galaxy seems to encourage the role playing. The arrival of these beloved characters from across the entire canon is exactly what Star Wars fans have been asking for in games based on the series. I was most hyped to find the Clone Commando from Star Wars: Republic Commando (2005), one of my favorite games in the Star Wars universe, in a Battlefront II encore.

If you’re a Star Wars fan, don’t miss out on this moment. There are thousands of players online at all hours of the day, so lobbies fill quickly. All content is available to any player that decides to join the battlefront. As millions join the battle, there has never been a better time to squad up and immerse yourself into the galactic conflict.

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I’ll say this about Star Wars Battlefront II: it didn’t make me wait to get in on the action. After a quick initial download, the game let me hop into an Arcade match while everything else loaded on my system. That first match was sheer chaotic bliss. I battled with my Imperial comrades in the tight corridors and wide open hangar bays of an installation under assault from Rebel forces. I started with the basic Assault stormtrooper, but after a death or two I switched to the Heavy type. This trooper’s deflector shield and ability to lay down a steady stream of fire quickly endeared him to me.

As the progressed, I earned a round-specific currency called Battle Points through takedowns and participating in team objectives. At the respawn screen, I could spend those points to get a round with a higher-profile character, like a Sith Lord or a specialty stormtrooper. My favorite of the bunch was the Flametrooper, who let me turn tight hallways into blazing Rebel barbecues.

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With the game fully installed, I had many more match options available to me. There’s a singleplayer campaign that gives new players a great introduction to the available unit and hero types. The multiplayer options are the main draw, though. The 20v20 galactic assault battles put me on the frontlines of full-scale assaults across giant landscapes. This mode makes available a wide range of infantry units, ground vehicles, starfighters, and heroes like Darth Vader, Leia Organa, Rey, Yoda, and many others. The battle for Hoth is a personal favorite. As a kid, I was floored by the intense combat in The Empire Strikes Back, and it felt so good to get my boots on that snowy ground. There are smaller-scale modes, too. Those are a bit less hectic and unpredictable, and reward teamwork and tactical decision-making.

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There’s also a cooperative mode that pits you and a few friends against hordes of AI-controlled opponents. I actually recommend this mode for new players, especially during double-XP events. Star Wars Battlefront II ditched the loot box-based progression system that you might remember from its launch for an experience-based system. As you play in multiplayer modes with the various character or vehicle types in the game, you’ll level them up and earn Skill Points which can be used to unlock personal buffs or upgraded abilities. After learning the ins and outs of the various characters and leveling up your favorites, you’ll be better equipped to square off against human opponents.

With its wide variety of gameplay modes, characters and locations from across the Star Wars canon, and revamped progression system, Star Wars Battlefront II has matured into the game that fans always hoped it would be. This game is a quick ticket to nostalgia-drenched epic combat, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to join the fun.