The 4 best games to play on the move

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Oct 15, 2016 Written by:ROG Article

There’s nothing like a well-deserved holiday. But whether you’re jumping on a train for a nearby extended city break, or hopping on a flight to an island paradise, there’s also no escaping the monotonous snore-fest of a long haul journey.

Luckily, there’s an increasing amount of entertainment options for the holidaying gamer (especially due to the fact that ROG is releasing even more powerful gaming laptops).

While you certainly don’t want to be engrossed in the latest title for your whole holiday (probably), having a few solid games on a powerful portable system means even getting there and back can be fun. With something like the ROG Strix GL502VS accompanying you, for example, there’ll be pretty much no limit to the games you can enjoy, while the ROG Strix GL553VW is also ideal for travel.

Civilization V

Civ 5 a

The hours will fly by as you guide your (most likely increasingly bloodthirsty, or maybe that’s just me) civilization through the various ages of human history, executing tactical maneuvers that would make Patton proud, and political posturing that any President would be envious of. One of the advantages of Civ 5 is the extensive collection of expansions and mods available, giving you a huge range of options and scenarios to play with. It’s pretty enough to look at even for an older title, and a system like the GL553VW can run it easily, so you’ll get the most from your battery.


Fallout 4

Fallout 4 a

Now that there’s plenty of DLC out for Bethesda’s latest radiation-soaked adventure, getting absorbed in Boston’s post-apocalyptic landscapes and survivors is an excellent way to pass the time. You’ll be able to get the very best visuals going too, thanks to the GTX 1070 on the GL502VS. You will use more battery as a result, so it’s a good idea to not forget your power adapter. Just be careful not to miss the actual holiday once you start playing this one!


Pillars of Eternity

Pillars of Eternity

As we’re on an RPG vibe, Black Isle’s old school isometric title is another immersive and enjoyable experience that’s perfect for playing on the move. Its beautiful artwork, extensive and detailed world, and tough combat all mean you’ll hardly even notice how loud that refreshment trolley is as it rattles by. While not that graphically demanding, it’s well suited to super mobile laptops like the ROG Strix GL553VW, and the GTX 960M will keep things smooth at 1080p.




Nothing will make the time fly faster on your train, plane or boat than wrestling with poison-spitting snake women and acid-spewing automated alien exo-suits (not to mention Chrysalids. Oh the joy of the Chrysalids). Fun, when all your poor soldiers are equipped with is a measly assault rifle. Firaxis’ popular tactical/strategic turn-based title also has an active modding community and DLC available to keep things challenging and fresh. It looks great too. Just make sure to keep your howls of sorrow to yourself as Jeff the Ranger, who was with you from Day One, gets turned into mush by that Berserker.


By Simon Marshall