Inside the box you'll find an instruction manual in 23 languages, and a certificate to say hey, you are awesome!

A protective carry case also comes with the Spatha because ROG knows how heartbroken you'd be if you found scratches on it upon arriving at a LAN party. The dock also fits in there, but no it is not a dock case - it would be difficult to kick ass with only a dock. There are slots for everything you need if on the go - the mouse (of course), the braided USB cable and the hex key in case you want to swap switches (in which case, remember to bring the extra switches bundled).
The charging station is both a wireless receiver and a magnetic charging dock with a battery/connection LED indicator. The metal base helps it stay in place and oozes quality.
There is a cable for the charging station and a braided USB cable with an ROG cable tie for carrying around in the carry case. You'll need the hex key to open the mouse if you feel like changing the click-feel of the left and/or right buttons.
ROG likes to accommodate those who like re-brand their gear as ROG, so here are two very fancy stickers. ROG Spatha has an easy-swap switch design, out of the box it comes with Omron D2FC-F-7N switches with 60gf (operational force) which are good for 20 million clicks (in case you conserve your clicks during gameplay). Below are extra switches which are also bundled, these Japanese-made switches (D2F-01F) offer 75gf for a different click feel and lasts for at least a million clicks.
1. Remove the four soft rubber covers. 2. Use the hex key to undo the four screws.
3. Remove the two-piece mouse cover.


4. Remove the switch(es) you'd like to swap out and replace it/ them with the extra switch(es) bundled. (Make sure the white switches are facing the top) 
5. Screw the mouse cover back. (Put on the pinky rest first)


Now you try the Spatha out with a different click-feel!