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Guide: Install X-Socket II on Rampage V Extreme

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X-Socket II

As you would expect from ROG, there are plenty of extras which come included in the box.   Rampage V Extreme makes incredible overclocking a cinch, and for those for you who want even more out of it; like having the bragging rights to breaking the 5GHz barrier.  For that you are likely to need this - the X-Socket II.

Rampage V Extreme_X-Socket II

The standard LGA2011-3 socket comes with metal screw-threads pre-fitted in the socket holes of the default back-plate. This means compatible air or LCLC (Low-Cost Liquid-Cooling) coolers can be screwed in securely.

X-Socket II is designed to replace the LGA2011-3 back-plate with one that is much smaller, leaving the motherboard holes free from the pre-fitted screwed. Now your water cooling blocks, or extreme cooling pots for LN2/dry ice can easily be bolted onto the motherboard directly.

Changing the back-plate is straightforward but let's go through it anyway, because like attempting anything for the first time; it's good to be well prepared.

Rampage V Extreme overview (15)

Don't be Overzealous

Always have a place with ample space to work, and soft covering on the desktop.  Dropped motherboards, scratched tables, damaged pins or flying screws happen far more often than necessary (and the guys in our service centers know the difference between a defective motherboard and a dropped one).

Out of the Box

This is how the socket opens, it won't matter if you change it so that it opens from the other end.  Just don't try to put it on sideways.



This is the default back-plate as it comes out the box, for compatible air or LCLC coolers.

1 R5E_10 Motherboard backplates

Loosen Screws

Let's get started by loosening the screws.  You won't need to waste your time removing all four screws.  (Leave the socket cover on just to be on the safe side).



After you loosen the screws with the Allen key, we found it's faster to unscrew by hand and eliminates the risk of slipping and scratching up the motherboard.


Remove Socket and Default Back-plate

Exercise extreme care when removing and replacing the bracket so you don't touch the CPU pins in the socket.



Replace with X-Socket II Back-plate



Secure the Screws

Like how you removed the screws, just use your hands to screw the X-Socket II in again.


Tighten the Screws

When tightening the screws start on opposite corners to make sure the socket is exactly where it should be and not over-tightened on one corner first.



Transformation Complete

Now you have a Rampage V Extreme with X-Socket II and your OC limits are beyond the realms of mere mortals.



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