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Quick Guide: ASUS CPU Installation Tool

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Yes, installing a CPU is pretty darn easy, but ASUS understands that not everybody has done it a thousand times. And for the first few times, some may even be holding their breath until the PC boots up without a hitch. Now it has been made so easy that anybody will get it right - every time. Even seasoned pros are susceptible to occasional memory lapses, so with this CPU installation tool, your processor (CPU) and motherboard will be safe from costly disasters. Firstly, if the tool says THIS SIDE UP, then it's probably a good idea to listen. If you look at the bottom left, you will see a small triangle which may or may not be a coincidence that it looks just like the one on the processor.  Match them up like so.  



Turn them over.



Click in the processor.


Get ready to plop into the socket.


Open up the socket bracket by releasing the lever. Now plop.


Put the cover down and secure into place with the lever, whilst making sure the cover is locked underneath the screw (shown below). 





You have successfully installed the processor and now you are ready to install the cooling. The process is easy and the tool helps to stop thermal grease from dropping into the gap between the CPU and the socket, which could be dangerous (thermal paste and pins don't mix).





Article Tags: GuidesGuides
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