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ROG Nomad Versus Shuttle Backpacks

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Getting to your gaming event/LAN, friends house or just about anywhere you need to haul your gaming laptop and gear can be a tough chore needing multiple bags. ROG's two backpacks aims to fit the needs of gamer's-on-the-go, with space for up to 17 inch gaming laptops, plus, all your gaming and personal kit. But, what's the difference between the ROG Nomad and ShuttleWe have both backpacks to show you their relative size and a few stats below. Nomad: 35 (L) x 18.5 (W) x 51 (H) cm
  • Laptop compartment fits: 32 (L) x 5 (W) x 42 (H) cm
Shuttle: 34.3 (L) x 21.6 (W) x 54.6 (H) cm
  • Laptop compartment fits: 29.0 (L) x 3.0 (W) x 49.0 (H) cm
nomad-shuttle-compare-3 As you can see, while the Shuttle is actually slightly wider and noticeably taller in the picture above, while the Nomad is longer front-to-back. The Nomad's laptop compartment fits a slightly larger (5 cm/~2 inch deep) gaming notebook too; including the latest G750JH with GTX 780M.  nomad-shuttle-compare-1 The Nomad also has more features as standard - on the back there's the extra carabiner clip and large waist strap, while its ballistic Nylon provides better water-proofing, and, combined with fatter zips give better overall strength than the Shuttle's polyester. nomad-shuttle-compare-2 Not only can the Nomad fit a slightly bigger 17 inch notebook at the back, it has an extra upper-front pocket for a few more bits. Meanwhile its central pocket is compartmentalized with padded areas for each gaming component: a headset, power brick(s), external drives or camera, an additional 10 inch tablet and extra cables. You can see their internal layout below. [gallery include="" size="medium" link="file" template="file-gallery" columns="2"]
Article Tags: Hands On
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