As you have already noticed, the Republic of Gamers page got a whole new look recently. With improved visuals and interface, we also want you to find what you're looking for easier, and bring you all the exciting news so gamers and hardware enthusiasts alike can stay up-to-date. The latest addition to the website is a new overclocking world records page! You can find it on the top right, under Overclocking -> World Records. All the scores are verified and come directly from the database. ROG is currently dominating with 13 World Records and 28 Global First Places. These records were set by the use of the following ROG boards: Rampage V Extreme, Maximus VIII Extreme, Maximus VIII Impact and Maximus VIII Gene

Benchmarks determine the efficiency and performance of a system, enthusiasts take pleasure in breaking records to demonstrate their skills in pushing hardware to the limit. ROG is a vital key to help you get there. As you can see below, the latest ROG Maximus VIII (Z170) and Rampage V Extreme (X99) motherboards dominate the landscape in 2Dbenchmarks and 3Dbenchmarks.

Since 2D benchmarks stress the CPU and 3D benchmarks stress the GPU (legacy benchmarks pushes both CPU and GPU), it's important to pair up with the ultimate graphics cards from ROG if you aim to get more records under your belt. Only the very best GPUs are reserved for Matrix GTX 980 Ti, where GPUs ranked in the top 15% are hand picked.