Maximus IX Series redefines the limits by hitting 7.383GHz and breaking 8 World Records

Jan 04, 2017 Written by:ROG Article

The Maximus IX Series goes beyond expectations with the new Intel 7th generation processors and shows amazing performance by breaking long-standing records. It includes the best Intel Core family CPU frequency, previously achieved on an X58 based motherboard, and new world records for PiFast, SuperPi 1M and 32M. In total, Maximus IX Series broke 8 World Records (WR) and achieved 13 Global First Places (GFP). Extreme overclockers achieved an additional 8 Global First Places with i3-7350K processors. 

An introduction to Maximus IX Apex

The Maximus IX Apex is one of the new members of the ROG Maximus family along with Maximus IX Code, compatible with Intel 7th generation processors. The Apex is the results from 10 years of experience and engineering to create a model optimized for performance. Available in the EATX form factor, with an X-Shaped PCB, this particular model comes with two DIMM slots, the PCB trace optimization and components of choice to allow improved performance for enthusiasts and extreme overclocking. 

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Overclockers have a new weapon, and it redefines the limits. 

Redefine the limits

Using extreme cooling, these world-class overclockers already went beyond the limits and achieved some incredible scores using the Maximus IX Apex and the Intel Core i7-7700K during an Absolute Zero event. In addition, discover scores achieved on Maximus IX Apex and i3-7350K. All the scores has been verified on, the platform that gathers benchmark submissions and establishes rankings. To see the submission details and screenshots, hit the score link. 

CPU and Memory frequencies

The first score to highlight is the best Intel Core family CPU frequency by slamms, with a new high at 7.383GHz enabling one core and one thread using the i7-7700K. Enabling four cores and the eight threads, der8auer was able to reach 7.328GHz.  Both used liquid helium (LHe = -269°C) which comes incredibly close to absolute zero (−273.15°C) to cool the processor.

The previous best CPU frequency achieved in the Intel Core category was made with an i7 Extreme 980X processor, reaching 7.195GHz. Part of the Gulftown family, it was released in Q1'10 and had 6 cores and 12 threads. 

For memory frequencies, Coolice reached 2,520.9MHz. In term of BCLK, Xtreme Addict reached 584MHz

2D Benchmarks - 3 World Records

Three World Records have been broken, shattering the previous scores.  Even if it's only a few milliseconds, in term of extreme overclocking, it's a big step forward. It's like beating the world record by a few milliseconds in the 100m dash. 

In PiFast, the previous score was set at 9sec 30ms. It's a 52ms improvement! For SuperPi 1M, a 125ms improvement on the previous 5sec 062ms. Both scores have been achieved using liquid helium (LHe) and SuperPi 32M using liquid nitrogen (ln2).

Benchmark WR - New Score CPU frequency Previous Score* Overclocker
PiFast 8sec 720ms 7272.07MHz 9sec 30ms Dancop
SuperPi 1M 4sec 937 ms 7201.73MHz 5sec 62ms Dancop
SuperPi 32M 4min 17sec 500ms 7051.2MHz 4min 22sec 765ms fredyama
* Previous score excluding i7-7700K 

2D Benchmarks - 8 Global First Places in 4 cores category

Since i7-7700K has 4 cores, the overclockers competed in the 4 cores category to achieve Global First Places (GFP). In total, extreme overclockers achieved eight GFPs!

Benchmark GFP - New Score CPU Frequency Previous Score* Overclocker
Cinebench R11.5 4x 16.73 6801MHz 16.14 Xtreme Addict
Cinebench R15 4x 1515 6771MHz 1488 der8auer
Geekbench3 multi 4x 29463 6620MHz 28735 der8auer
GPUPI for CPU - 1B 4x 3min 45sec 643ms 6940MHz 3mn 53sec 586ms Xtreme Addict
HWBOT Prime 4x 8471 6695MHz 8385 Smoke
wPrime 32M 4x 2sec 891ms 6819MHz 2sec 953ms slamms
wPrime 1024M 4x 1min 31sec 516ms 6828MHz 1min 33sec 859ms Smoke
XTU 4x 2301 6677MHz 2249 Dancop


Legacy Benchmarks - 4 World Records and 4 Global First Places

Four World Records (WR) have been achieved for the following benchmarks: 

Benchmark WR - New Score Previous Score* Overclocker
3DMark 2001SE 1xGPU 212326 206204 Xtreme Addict
3DMark03 1xGPU 351557 345563 Dancop
3DMark05 1xGPU 88398 86798 Smoke
3DMark06 1xGPU 68888 66721 Smoke

Four Global First Places (GFPs) has been achieved as follows: 

Benchmark GFP - New Score Previous Score* Overclocker
Aquamark 1xGPU 652098 643316 Smoke
3DMark03 2xGPU 342682 327155 slamms
3DMark05 2xGPU 87604 84732 Smoke
3DMark06 2xGPU 68766 64862 Smoke


3D Benchmarks - 1 World Record and 1 Global First Place

Last but not least, Dancop achieved a new World Record for Unigine Heaven using two graphics cards, and also snatched a new Global First Place using a single graphics card! 

Benchmark WR - New Score CPU Frequency Previous Score* Overclocker
Unigine Heaven Xtreme Preset 2xGPU 11187.77 6948.9MHz 10770.17 Dancop
Benchmark GFP - New Score CPU Frequency Previous Score* Overclocker
Unigine Heaven Xtreme Preset 1xGPU 11009.98 6947.2MHz 10808.95 Dancop

Absolute Zero_Z270_3

Front row left to right: Fredyama, elmor, slamms, Shamino, der8auer
Back row left to right: coolice, Raja, Xtreme Addict, Dancop

Push it further with i3-7350K 

Dancop and Xtreme Addict took some time to bench the newly i3 unlock processor - the i3-7350K - with his two cores and four threads . If you wonder where the limits stands in term of performance, have a first glance in the table below. The Maximus IX Apex bundled with the i3-7350K take 8 additional Global First Places.  

Benchmark GFP - New Score CPU Frequency Previous score Overclocker
Cinebench R11.5 2x 8.16 6646MHz 7.99 Xtreme Addict
Cinebench R15 2x 744 6646MHz 716 Xtreme Addict
Geekbench3 multi 2x 15798 6616MHz 14871 Dancop
GPUPI for CPU - 1B 2x 7min 45sec 271ms 6720MHz 8min 2sec 78ms Xtreme Addict
HWBOT Prime 2x 5980.83 6767MHz 5873.31 Dancop
wPrime 32M 2x 5sec 843ms 6690MHz 5sec 984ms Xtreme Addict
wPrime 1024M 2x 3min 7sec 249ms 6672MHz 3min 11sec 500ms Xtreme Addict
XTU 1207 6599MHz 743 Dancop