Apr 19, 2012 Written by: MarshallR

The ROG Windows 7 Theme

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Please note there is a newer version of this article with more themes!

  There's been several ROG forum threads asking for an ROG Windows 7 theme and some of our awesome fans have already contributed various additions, like start button replacements and other theme replacements. The ROG team has been working on its own version, and has now whipped up a full ROG Windows 7 theme you can download here. Installing is easy - simply click the setup file and the rest is done for you. ROG Theme Install This creates:
  • A Windows 7 theme
ROG Windows 7 Theme
  • Installs an ROG screensaver (disabled by default)
ROG Screensaver
  • Updates your start button
ROG Start button
ROG Wallpapers
  • Updates your Computer icon on the desktop
ROG Computer Icon
  • And updates your mouse curser
ROG Mouse
Articles: News
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