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ROG Connect On The iPhone And iPad

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ROG Connect on your iPad or iPhone is now available for you to download. This works on all ROG motherboards that support Bluetooth ROG Connect!

Get ROG Connect on iTunes

For Rampage and Maximus III Extreme, you need to install this driver to make the iPhone work. Download it here (select Utilities).


Overclocking: Allows to overclock your PC on-the-fly on iPhone/iPad. This feature gives you the access to all turning and tweaking options required for overclocking.

Hardware Monitor: Real-time monitor system information, critical parts temperatures, voltages, frequencies, and fan speeds on your PC.

Remote Control: Remote access to restart and forced shut down your PC.

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Update: *2/15/2011

I know this is long overdue, but here is the latest update I can give you guys on iPhone support on ROG boards. First of all due to Apple's Bluetooth implementation, the functionality will be slightly limited when compared to an Android based phone. Note that the way you enable RC Connect and iDirect are different. Thus due to Apple's Bluetooth implementation, you can utilize iDirect on any ROG board that offers ROG Connect even if it doesn't have the RC Bluetooth module. You can connect through USB, Wifi, and a Bluetooth dongle/adapter.

First of all, the only boards i have personally tested our phones on so far are the Rampage III Extreme, Maximus IV Extreme, and Crosshair IV Extreme.

I will try and do a nicer guide in the coming days, but for the time being here are the few things you need to know.

  • You need iDirect installed on your phone and you need the mobilink software installed on your computer.
  • Typically with RC Connect on android you press the RC connect button to activate the rog connect through your phone. if this is "on" then in windows this will disable your bluetooth functionality. NOW with iDrect, you HAVE to connect through the Windows Bluetooth, so you DON'T want to press the RC Connect button. you want to leave Bluetooth within Windows on. So do the opposite as you were to do for RC Connect.
  • Lastly you WILL need tethering enabled and bluetooth enabled.
  • Search and pair your Bluetooth with your phone, make sure they are connected.
  • Fire up your iDirect app on your phone, go to settings and make sure your connection is set to Bluetooth. It should make the detection.

Now here is whats tricky...

  • Rampage III Extreme with IOS3.x does not come with tethering.
  • Rampage III Extreme with IOS3.x jailbreak allows tethering but i have not had any success in getting it to connect.
  • Rampage III Extreme with IOS4.x allows tethering but you have to pay. I was able to successfully connect.
  • Rampage III Extreme with IOS4.x jailbreak allows free tethering. This successfully connected.
  • Maximus IV Extreme with IOS3.x jailbreak was able to connect.
rog connect software compatibility list

Update: *2/17/11

Below we have a chart that shows you which boards are supposed to be compatible under ios4 non jail broken. I have not tested it with a jail broken phone so if anyone has feedback please let me know from your tests. HELP THE COMMUNITY OUT, I CAN'T DO IT ALONE! Thanks!

  • Features: Use the ROG Connect through a notebook or another computer, RC bluetooth for Android, Windows Mobile, and Symbian support, and ROG iDirect for iOS support.
  • Host: This has to be one of the compatible motherboards, with a compatible OS, and the latest software updates are needed to run properly.
  • Remote: This is the devices that you can use, compatible OS, and software needed to run properly.
Let us know your results, testing and techniques in the forums or on ROG Facebook!
The article was originally written by Brian @ ASUS.
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