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  • PC Market

    PCM Best Performance 2020

    Better visual effect

    HONG KONG 05/04/2020
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  • PC Market

    PCM Best Performance 2020

    Definitely a good choice

    HONG KONG 04/13/2020
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  • Overclock3d.net

    Ultimate Award

    The ASUS ROG Swift PG43UQ is a monitor whose physical size is dwarfed by its incredible image quality. One of the finest displays we've ever seen.

    UNITED KINGDOM 10/02/2020
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  • prad.de


    HDR Gaming at XXL format

    GERMANY 04/20/2020
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  • Hardware Cooking

    Editor's Choice

    A very special monitor ! We were really convinced by the included remote controller, RGB LED projector, and its excellents performance.

    FRANCE 04/10/2020
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  • Guru3d


    We have little to complain about it if you place it in a gaming room and sit on couch playing games, you'll enjoy the rich image quality and fast refreshing screen.

    NETHERLANDS 04/03/2020
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  • Techtesters.eu


    The backlight of this screen is really extreme, with almost 900 nits outside the HDR mode.

    NETHERLANDS 03/09/2020
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  • NewEsc España



    SPAIN 04/01/2020
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Revues vidéo

  • ...that extreme brightness is unmatched by almost every other monitor on the market.

  • 【本集產品:ASUS ROG Swift PG43UQ】 華碩又準備了一台 PG43UQ,這台就介於XG438Q、 PG65UQ之間,同樣 43 吋 VA 面板,4K 解析度、144Hz 更新率與 HDR 1000 等高端規格,但搭載的是 G-Sync 相容功能...

  • This huge 43-inch monitor, offers you a very successful 144 Hz gaming experience at 4K resolution if you have a powerful system. In addition, thanks to its high color palette and 10 bit panel, it has become a model that you can easily use in professional works.

    L'avis des médias

    • It has great thermal performance, those same ROG Strix design feels you've come to know and love, and more.


      AUSTRALIA 06/09/2021
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    • The biggest hardware news at CES 2023!

      Bits & Bytes

      PORTUGAL 01/21/2023
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