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ROG Raikiri Pro

The ROG Raikiri Pro PC Controller features an OLED display, four rear buttons, selectable triggers, ESS DAC, customizable joystick sensitivity and response curves, and tri-mode connectivity. It’s ideal to play in wired USB-C, 2.4GHz, or Bluetooth on PCs

  • Built-in OLED display: Create a unique look with customizable animations, view status indicators, and switch profile on the fly
  • Versatile tri-mode connectivity: Use low-latency 2.4 GHz RF, Bluetooth®, or wired USB-C® to play on PC; plus certified for Xbox via USB-C connection
  • Intuitive rear controls: Four left and right buttons can be programmed for in-game commands or for on-the-fly joystick sensitivity shifts
  • Selectable step triggers: Left and right triggers can be set to short- or full-range modes, with dead zones customizable in Armoury Crate
  • Premium sound: Built-in ESS DAC for immersive audio; plus 3.5 mm earphone jack, and a mute button
  • Extensive customization: Remap buttons, change joystick sensitivity, or make other adjustments via Armoury Crate
  • Extensive battery life: Up to 48-hour battery life enables nonstop gaming


Video Reviews

ROG Raikiri Pro Controller ASMR Unboxing

I needed a controller with a bit more focus and a good ecosystem, because well, I often use the paddles on the back…


Triggers are so great

ROG RAIKIRI PRO - Controller with RGB Led, OLED screen, 48H Battery (Xbox & PC)

Unboxing of the product

The ASUS ROG Raikiri Pro is definitely a controller full of personality, which gives the eye its famous and ever-popular side. All in all we are talking about a valid controller, with an extraordinary build quality, but one that is very limited on consoles (where it only works wired) and that, while abounding in customisation possibilities on the software side, lacks some features that can be found, even on the official Xbox controllers, in the same price range.

ASUS has truly made the best gamepad made by third-party developers that can be purchased for the computer.

This is a cool gamepad - it's really comfortable, it has a cool vibe and it's fun to play with. The question is that all the advantages it guarantees work only in wired mode, which significantly limits the possibilities.

The gamepad is cool and will be perfect for connoisseurs of something bright and unusual. And the presence of high-quality built-in sound will save personal money on the purchase of a sound card.

Without exaggeration, these are the best steaks I've ever seen. Well, a separate plus is a battery that lasts more than 40 hours with the backlight on.

Asus ROG Raikiri Review | Will these cyberpunk drivers beat the competition?

A good wireless controller for a select clientele.

Great controller for the money

Media Reviews

The race track in the background of cyber punk city The rear view of Raikiri Pro angled from right The front view of Raikiri Pro angled from left

Customized Controls, Evolved

The ROG Raikiri Pro PC Controller puts all the commands and customization options you need right into your hands. Personalize your Raikiri Pro with customizable animations, view status indicators, and switch profiles on its built-in OLED display. The four rear L/R buttons can be programmed as hotkeys for in-game commands or joystick sensitivity toggles. Designed for PC gamers, the Raikiri Pro’s versatile tri-mode connectivity gives you the choice to use a Bluetooth®, 2.4 GHz RF, or wired USB-C® connection - making it perfect for playing on PCs and laptops. Plus, you can even play on Xbox, all you need is a single USB-C cable.

Product Video

ROG Raikiri Pro - Customized Controls, Evolved

Tutorial Video

ROG Raikiri series PC gaming controller on the mousepad
the front view of Raikiri Pro with customizable animation on its OLED display

Built-in OLED Display

Get creative and show off your style by using Armoury Crate to flaunt a custom image, animation, or text on the ROG Raikiri Pro’s built-in OLED display. Use the OLED to switch connection modes, view controller profiles and change them on the fly, as well as monitor charging, power, or mic status. Use the two buttons above the OLED to select controller profiles or change what’s being displayed onscreen, even when you’re in the middle of a game.

Tri-Mode Connectivity

The ROG Raikiri Pro is a versatile controller that gives you the flexibility to use Bluetooth, 2.4 GHz RF, or wired USB-C connection when playing on a laptop, PC or ROG Ally. Plus, it’s certified with Xbox consoles, all you need is a single USB-C cable. It uses adaptive frequency hopping technology (AFH) to minimize interference with other devices to give you low-latency Bluetooth performance, making it perfect for competitive gaming.

  • Bluetooth 5.0

  • Wired USB-C®

  • 2.4 GHz

Download driver for Bluetooth connection
PC Xbox
Features USB-C Bluetooth 2.4 GHz USB-C
Xbox Game Pass
Impulse Trigger1
Haptic Feedback
RGB Lighting
Aura Sync RGB Lighting
Armoury Crate2
1 Haptic feedback on Impulse Triggers is defined as an official Xbox controller 2 PC & Xbox profile settings must be set up on the PC via wired mode then saved in the onboard memory

Intuitive Rear Controls

The ergonomic shape of the Raikiri Pro provides a perfect grip, whatever your hand size, so the rear buttons are always a comfortably within reach. The four left and right rear buttons feature cross stripes to create a textured, non-slip finish, and they provide satisfyingly tactile feedback with every press. Program the buttons as hotkeys for complex in-game commands, or use them to tweak joystick sensitivity on the fly for greater levels of control.

Selectable Step Triggers

The left and right triggers offer a full range of motion and include a short trigger lock mode. Trigger dead zones can be customized via Armoury Crate to suit user preference.

Full Trigger Mode

Selectable Step Triggers

The left and right triggers offer a full range of motion and include a short trigger lock mode. Trigger dead zones can be customized via Armoury Crate to suit user preference.

Short Trigger Mode

Extremely Customizable

Use the Armoury Crate app to tailor controls to suit your play style or any game. A myriad of customization options are possible, allowing you to remap buttons, adjust OLED display settings, select controller profile, and set up low-battery alerts for wireless mode. You can also tweak vibration strength and trigger dead zones, and adjust joystick response curves.

*Armoury Crate can only be accessed in wired mode.
the deco information of Armoury Crate settings interface

Premium Audio

Plug a headset into the 3.5 mm jack for premium, true-to-life audio, powered by the built-in ESS DAC. Plus, it also supports mute button for voice chat on and off.

*Headset connection is only available in wired mode.
The scenario photo with model hold Raikiri Pro in hands and wear ROG Delta S Core gaming headset to show the built-in ESS DAC

ROG Spirit

A translucent design and a floating logo give the Raikiri Pro a look that reflects the sci-fi-inspired cyberpunk ROG spirit.

ROG Raikiri Pro

ROG Raikiri


Connect to Xbox consoles with wired

Connect to PC with wired, RF 2.4Ghz or Bluetooth

Connect to Xbox consoles with wired

Connect to PC with wired

Additional button

Rear buttons x 4, OLED control button x 2
(programmable in Armoury Crate)

Rear buttons x 2
(programmable in Armoury Crate)


1.3” with 128 * 40 resolution


8-way D-pad circular D-pad standard D-pad


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