ROG Delta S Animate

Audífonos ligeros para juegos USB-C® con pantalla AniMe Matrix™ personalizable, ESS 9281 Quad DAC™ de alta fidelidad, MQA, micrófono con cancelación de ruido AI, compatible con PC, PlayStation® 5, Nintendo Switch™

  • AniMe Matrix™ personalizable las pantallas y los efectos de luz Soundwave te permiten brillar con estilo.
  • DAC™ cuádruple ESS 9281 de alta fidelidad líder en la industria, además de compatibilidad con MQA para un audio impecablemente detallado.
  • Controladores ASUS Essence y tecnología de cámara hermética para un sonido envolvente.
  • El micrófono con cancelación de ruido de IA de ASUS ofrece una comunicación de voz nítida en el juego.
  • Diseño cómodo y liviano de 310 gramos con almohadillas en forma de D ergonómicas y de enfriamiento rápido para un ajuste perfecto.
  • Conector USB-C® para compatibilidad con PC, Mac, PlayStation®, Nintendo Switch™ y dispositivos móviles.


Video Reseñas

Video review from the channel ASUS ROG BALTICS

I offered him a 6500€ Setup GAMER !

Today we are going to install some cool peripherals and something extra.

I mean, there is just so much potential when it comes to the customizations!

Great audio gear with great Mic noise cancelation.

Highly recommended.

ゲーム歴20年の実況者がNG無しで質問に答えます!【ROG Delta S Animate】


In 10 years, you will see this gaming gear set !!!

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Review Gaming Headset HiRes support MQA , Animate

Today I tell you about my listening experience with the ASUS ROG Delta S Animate gaming headset, which winks at audiophiles with its quadruple DAC and 50mm drivers! I really enjoyed the power of the sound, the report card of this headset is very good, the sounds all render very well and they are very comfortable.

ROG Delta S Animate are customisable headphones, I find them super soft and comfortable. The LED lights are crazy, I find them very beautiful! You can hear very well

I liked this headset because it can be used on many devices, it can give game sounds very well, its microphone is successful and it is also successful in terms of music performance.

You can change effects such as animations or gifs through the software.

Simply amazing!

Whether in the audio player, whether watching a blockbuster, whether in the game Monster Hunter Rise, the ASUS ROG Delta S Animate headset will take you by the skin and transport you to the land of escapism.

Maherco Assembly #1: New Game 2022

Video review from the channel Konsumer

Video review from FunFaceTV channel

Video review from the channel Tech Dalykai

The ergonomically designed headphones in the shape of the inverted letter D have hybrid ROG pads that enable comfortable play even during gaming marathons.

Because of everything shown, the ROG Delta S Animate earned Platinum and Advanced Design recognition.

The review from the channel Pakapak

Reseñas de medios

Light it up with superior sound

The groundbreaking ROG Delta S Animate features amazing programmable AniMe Matrix™ displays on the ear cups, a hi-fi-grade ESS 9281 Quad DAC™ with MQA support for impeccable audio and an ASUS AI Noise-Canceling Microphone for clear communication. At only 310 grams, it also ensures comfort with fast-cooling ROG Hybrid ear cushions, and USB-C® and USB-A connectors bring multi-platform compatibility.

Tutorial Video

AniMe Matrix™ Displays
Light Effects
Customizable AniMe Matrix™ Displays

Customizable AniMe Matrix™ Displays

Cutting-edge AniMe Matrix™ displays on each ear cup feature mini-LEDs that can be programmed to show off your style with custom lighting designs, unique animations and live audio visualizations.

ROG Inscription

Soundwave Light Effects

Exclusive Soundwave light effects make lights flash in sync with the sound of your voice. You can activate the effects via the control switch on the ear cup.

High-Resolution ESS 9281 Quad DAC™

The ESS 9281 Quad DAC™ contains four digital-to-analog converters (DAC) that provide lossless audio processing. There's a DAC for each frequency band — low, mid, high and ultra-high — for clearer sound, and an unparalleled 130 dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). With ROG Delta S Animate, you can hear every detail and enjoy crisp, clear sound for a true-to-life audio experience.

Hi-Res Audio icon
High-Resolution ESS 9281 Quad-DAC

Built-In MQA Renderer

Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) is an award-winning audio technology that delivers studio-quality sound and reveals every detail of the original recording. The ROG Delta S Animate headset can connect to an MQA core signal, which is used by global streaming service apps such as TIDAL, to complete the final 'unfold' of an MQA music file and provide incredible audio quality.

MQA icon
High SNR

High SNR in FPS Games

A high signal-to-noise ratio is critical for gaming headsets, especially in FPS games. A higher SNR allows you to precisely pinpoint the origin of enemy footsteps, or hone in on the location of gunfire or explosions on the battlefield. With its ESS 9281 Quad DAC™ design, ROG Delta S Animate is capable of achieving an unprecedented 130 dB SNR, unrivaled by single DAC headsets.

High SNR

Crystal-Clear Highs and Punchy Bass

The exclusive ASUS Essence drivers are mounted in airtight chambers for clearer, richer audio. These high-resolution drivers feature a wide frequency response of 20–40 kHz to provide incredibly strong bass and optimized gaming audio, so you'll hear every detail while enjoying an all-around immersive acoustic experience.

Crystal-clear Highs and Punchy Bass
Crystal-clear Highs and Punchy Bass

Exclusive Hyper-Grounding Technology

Exclusive ROG Hyper-Grounding technology uses a multi-layer printed circuit board and a special layout to prevent electromagnetic interference, ensuring that all you hear is pure, noise-free audio.

Exclusive Hyper-Grounding Technology
AI Noise-Canceling
Certifiably Clear

ASUS AI Noise-Canceling Microphone

The ASUS AI Noise-Canceling Microphone (AI Mic) has a dedicated processor that’s designed to reduce over 500 million types of background noise while preserving vocal harmonics for crystal-clear in-game voice communication. Common background noises such as chatter, keyboard clatter and mouse clicks are reduced by up to 95%. Learn more about AI Mic

Hear the difference

AI Mic off

AI Mic on

Certifiably Clear Communication

The AI Mic is unidirectional, detachable and certified by both Discord and TeamSpeak. An indicator light on the tip of the boom flashes red when the microphone is muted, so you can quickly check its status.

Discord teamspeak
Certifiably Clear Communication

Multi-Platform Compatibility

The USB-C® connector and included USB-C® to USB-A adapter cable* provide compatibility with PCs, Macs, PlayStation® 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch™ and mobile devices.

*Included USB-C® to USB-A adapter cable enables connection with PlayStation® 4 and 5 and Nintendo Switch™

Multiplatform Compatibility
Multiplatform Compatibility
Crafted for
Two Types of
Fit and Feel

Crafted for Comfort

ROG Delta S Animate is exceptionally lightweight at only 310 grams. Ergonomic D-shaped ear cups closely match the shape of your ears to reduce unnecessary contact areas by up to 20%, and a sloped design provides better comfort and also helps improve sound quality by channeling audio directly into the ear canal, tilting the drivers at a 12° angle.

Crafted for Comfort

Two Types of Fit and Feel

Two ear cushion options:

ROG Hybrid ear cushions
ROG Hybrid Ear Cushions

Made of protein leather and fabric mesh, they are perfect for long gaming sessions, offering a contoured fit, with material that is thick but breathable.

Fast-cooling protein leather ear cushions
Fast-Cooling Protein Leather Ear Cushions

The cushions are made of 100% protein leather and fast-cooling memory foam to give unbeatable comfort with thinner and softer material.

Tuning and Customization Made Easy

Instant Control
at Fingertips
Armoury Crate
Instant Control at Your Fingertips Instant Control at Your Fingertips

Instant Control at Your Fingertips

Intuitive control buttons on the ear cup let you instantly control volume, mute the microphone or adjust AniMe Matrix™ lighting during gameplay.

Top : Soundwave light mode on
Middle : AniMe Matrix™ light on
Bottom : AniMe Matrix™ light off

Scroll up or down to increase or decrease volume

Push to mute or unmute microphone

Armoury Crate

Armoury Crate software offers extensive controls and an intuitive UI, so you can easily adjust the audio profile and lighting effects.

*Virtual surround sound is only available on compatible devices or via Armoury Crate software.

Armoury Crate
  ROG Delta S ROG Delta S Animate ROG Delta S ROG Delta S ROG Delta ROG Delta ROG Delta Origin ROG Delta Origin ROG Delta Core ROG Delta Core
Connectivity USB-C®
USB-C® 3.5mm
Headphone amplifier Hi-fi ESS 9281 Quad DAC™ Hi-fi ESS 9281 Quad DAC™ Hi-fi ESS 9218 Quad DAC™ - -
ASUS Essence drivers V V V V V
MQA Renderer technology V V - - -
Lighting Customizable AniMe
Soundwave mode
Multi-color circular
RGB lighting,
Soundwave mode
Multi-color circular
RGB lighting
Red lighting -
Microphone Analog (AI-powered) Analog (AI-powered) Analog Analog Analog
Microphone indicator V V V V -
Ear cushion texture 100% fast-cooling protein leather

ROG Hybrid, featuring fast-
cooling protein leather
and fabric mesh
100% fast-cooling protein leather

ROG Hybrid, featuring fast-cooling protein leather
and fabric mesh
100% protein leather

ROG Hybrid, featuring fast-
cooling protein leather
and fabric mesh
100% protein leather

ROG Hybrid, featuring fast-
cooling protein leather
and fabric mesh
100% protein leather

ROG Hybrid, featuring fast-
cooling protein leather
and fabric mesh
Instant control Volume adjustment
Mic mute
Light on/off/Soundwave mode
Volume adjustment
Mic mute
RGB on/off/Soundwave mode
Volume adjustment
Mic mute
RGB on/off
Volume adjustment
Mic mute
Red lighting on/off
Volume adjustment
Mic mute

*via supplied adapter cable


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  • Los colores y las especificaciones técnicas del producto varían de país en país; por favor contacte con un vendedor autorizado ASUS para confirmar las configuraciones del producto y/o las opciones de crecimiento (RAM, Disco Duro etc.) disponibles en su país. La información de los productos está sujeta a cambios sin previo aviso. El color de la PCB y las versiones del software incluido están sujetas a cambio sin previo aviso. La marca y los nombres de los productos mencionados son marcas registradas por sus respectivas compañías.
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