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Compact is the New Impact
NVIDIA GeForce RTX LogoAMD Ryzen 6000 Series LogoXbox GamePass Logo
13” convertible gaming laptop with up to a Ryzen™ 9 6900 CPU & GeForce RTX™ 3050 Ti GPU
Laptop convertible para juegos de 13" con hasta procesador Ryzen™ 7 y hasta GPU GeForce RTX™ 3050
120Hz and 4K options for the 16:10 touchscreen with up to 500 nits display brightness
120 Hz para la pantalla táctil de 16:10 con un brillo de pantalla de hasta 500 nits
Type-C charging lets you extend your battery life on the go
La carga tipo C te permite prolongar la duración de la batería mientras viajas
Up to a Radeon™RX 6850M XT eGPU via dedicated PCIe<sup class='sign-tm'>®</sup> interface
Hasta una Radeon™RX 6850M XT eGPU a través de una interfaz PCIe® dedicada*
Liquid metal on the CPU boosts clock speeds and lowers noise
El metal líquido en la CPU aumenta la frecuenca del reloj y reduce el ruido
AI Noise Cancelation, one-touch login, Dolby Atmos sound, and a 15” keyboard
Cancelación de ruido AI, inicio de sesión con un solo toque, sonido Dolby Atmos y un teclado de 15"
Make Waves
Make Waves
Flex Your Power
Windows 11 Home
Hasta CPU
Ryzen™ 7
RTX 3050
16GB 6400MHz
Memoria LPDDR5
Mejora el rendimiento con IA
Más experiencias inmersivas
Potencia y rendimiento optimizados
360° convertible design
Get Ready to Flip
*Unless otherwise stated, figures are based on theoretical performance. Actual figures may vary in real-world situations.
*The XG Mobile must be connected to a power outlet to operate.
Laptop Mode
Tablet Mode
Stand Mode
Tent Mode
Expand Your View
Aspect Ratio
Up to
500 nits
Display brightness
Gorilla Glass
Touchscreen Protection
Dolby Vision
Pantone® Validated
PANTONE® Validated
Massive Cooling Enables Smaller Size
Thermal Module
Thermal Grizzly
Liquid Metal
Arc Flow Fans
Scenario Profiles
Liquid Metal
Self-cleaning Cooling 2.0
Arc Flow Fans
Light and Long-lasting
Light and Long-lasting
*Battery tests conducted by ASUS on December 2021 using the default video playback scenario.
Test configuration: ROG Flow X13 GV301RE, FHD(WUXGA) LCD panel, AMD Ryzen™7 6800HS, 512GB PCIe® 4.0 x 4 SSD, 16 GB RAM.
Test settings: Wi-Fi enabled without connecting Access Point, the display brightness set to 150 cd/m2, Backlight 84%.
*In order to get full performance on this device, please use the included ASUS power adapter.
100W USB Type-C
50% in 30mins
Fast Charging
Full Keyboard. Max Convenience.
Full size
15” Keyboard
One Touch
Power and login
White Backlight
Travel Distance
Crystal Clear Sound
Our advanced Two-Way AI Noise Cancelation technology works with any input device and also with output audio, letting you remove noise from both your own mic input and from incoming feeds. It also runs on the CPU, which frees up the GPU to hit higher FPS. Noise-canceling settings can even be customized per program, filtering specific apps like voice chat without affecting game audio you want to remain untouched.
Transform Your Experience
Integrated fingerprint
power key
USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A
USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C with DisplayPort 1.4 and
Power Delivery*
*Power Delivery may vary according to regions.
Exclusive interface with PCIe 3.0 x8
and USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C
HDMI 2.0b
3.5mm audio combo jack
Unified system tuning and personalization
Armoury Crate
ROG Armoury Crate unifies system and lighting controls to put essential settings at your fingertips in a single utility. You can easily define and customize Scenario Profiles that automatically make adjustments when you launch your favorite titles.

* Interface may vary by version.
ROG GameVisual software offers six expertly tuned graphic modes designed to optimize your visual experience for specific game genres. First Person Shooter (FPS) mode, for example, enhances visibility in dark environments, allowing you to get the drop on any enemies lurking in the shadows. Use GameVisual to get the best experience for every game in your library.
Scenario Profiles make setting up automatic switching between Silent, Performance, and Turbo modes easy. You can also define app-specific preferences for lighting, disable your Windows key or touchpad, and set which GameFirst VI and Sonic Studio III profile to use. Armoury Crate makes adjustments in an instant to best fit the task at hand, and you can configure each profile exactly how you want.
Discover your next favorite game
*Terms and exclusions apply. Game catalog varies over time, by region, and by device. See xbox.com/gamepass and https://www.ea.com/eaplay/terms, for details. Xbox Cloud Gaming: Streaming limits apply. Requires compatible controller (sold separately), supported device and Xbox Game Pass app; see system requirements. System requirements vary by game; performance scales with higher-end systems.

**The EA logo and Battlefield are trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc. © FIFA is a copyright and/or trademark of FIFA. All rights reserved.
Manufactured under license by Electronic Arts Inc. STAR WARS © & TM 2019 Lucasfilm Ltd. All rights reserved.
Gear up and go
*Bundled peripherals may vary according to regions. Please check with local vendors for exact offers.
© 2022 NVIDIA Corporation. NVIDIA, the NVIDIA logo, GeForce, GeForce Experience, GeForce RTX, G-SYNC, and ShadowPlay are registered trademarks and/or trademarks of NVIDIA Corporation in the United States and other countries. All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.
AMD Ryzen™ CPU
Built using cutting-edge 6nm fabrication technology, AMD Ryzen™ 6000 series CPUs pack a knockout punch. The 2022 Flow X13 features up to an 12-core AMD Ryzen™ 9 6900HS CPU. Up to 16 threads slice through demanding workloads and multitasking. Run the latest games, stream your favorite content, and juggle additional apps anywhere.
GeForce Graphics
Fire up the latest games on the go with a discrete GPU up to an NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3050 Ti. It’s powerful enough to deliver reliable frame rates across tons of popular titles, from fast shooters to cinematic RPGs. Gaming on an ultra-compact, 13” convertible laptop has never been so good.
Energy-Efficient LPDDR4X Memory
Maximize your multitasking with 32GB of LPDDR5 memory. This high-speed RAM clocks up to 6400MHz, stepping up your system’s speed and responsiveness. Game, stream, and chat all at once. Create and share content, and stay on top of day-to-day tasks. Do it all with RAM that uses 30% less power than LPDDR4X, and save the energy for what really matters.
Power Consumption
30% Less
than LPDDR4X
Data Rate
50% higher
over LPDDR4X 4266MHz
Spacious Storage
With up to 1TB of PCIe Gen 4 storage, you can take all your favorite games with you. Pad out your creative portfolio and edit photos, videos, and other massive multimedia files on the go. Keep your favorite entertainment and projects close at hand, and load them at warp speed whenever the mood strikes.
Touch Greatness
Flip through tabs, scroll down pages, and doodle all your latest ideas on ROG’s top-tier touchscreen. Covered with Corning Gorilla Glass, it’s highly scratch-resistant against everyday use, so you can tap, swipe, and scribble worry-free. Bundle the Flow X13 with the ASUS Pen* for smooth stylus action whether you’re sketching, writing, or just jotting down your next great idea.*ROG Flow X13 also supports stylus with Microsoft Pen Protocol 2.0, up to 266Hz report rate and up to 4096 pressure level.
Reveal Your True Colors
See in true color with a PANTONE® Validated display. Each IPS-level panel is factory calibrated to guarantee that every color you see is accurate to the globally recognized Pantone palette. Superior color accuracy allows artists, designers, and content creators to add to their portfolios and enjoy more immersive gaming all on the same machine.
Smooth as Glass
Experience gameplay that’s smoother and more immersive than ever. With Adaptive-Sync, the display’s refresh rate synchronizes with the GPU’s frame rate to reduce lag, minimize stuttering, and eliminate visual tearing that can break your focus in-game and take you out of the moment.
0.1mm ultra thin fins for the win
Thermal energy is dissipated by four heatsinks, each lined with ultrathin copper fins as slim as 0.1mm. These fins are half the size of typical solutions, whose higher density allows for more effective heat dissipation and lower air resistance. There are up to 252 heatsink fins totaling 44,230mm² of surface area.
Scenario Profiles
Scenario Profiles automatically change operating modes to optimize performance and acoustics for different games and apps. Turbo mode ramps up the fans and frequency to sustain maximum speed, Performance mode balances cooling and clocks to lower acoustics for gaming, and Silent mode runs even quieter for lighter work and entertainment. Switch modes seamlessly or on demand with a keyboard shortcut.
Liquid metal thermal compound
Liquid metal compound lowers CPU temperatures by up to 10°C* compared to standard thermal paste. The right amount must be carefully applied for the best results, so we commissioned custom equipment to automate the process with precision, designed a patented internal fence to contain the compound, and added a special step to protect surface-mounted components on the processor package.
*Unless otherwise stated, figures are based on theoretical performance. Actual figures may vary in real-world situations.
Slimmer heatpipes
Flatter heatpipes help minimize height in the ultra-slim form factor, and offer more surface area to pull heat away from core components. They snake over the CPU and GPU to reduce temperatures and help improve long-term stability and reliability.
Anti-Dust Tunnels 2.0
Our upgraded thermal module design features shorter anti-dust tunnels that leave up to 5% more space around the fan, improving airflow by up to 15%. Preventing the buildup of dust ensures the long-term stability and reliability of your system.
Arc Flow Fans™
Updated Arc Flow Fans™ feature curved blades specially shaped to maximize airflow with minimal noise. Our variable thickness design can get as thin as 0.1mm at the base of the fans before expanding toward the tip. This reduces turbulence as the fan blades accelerate air with centrifugal force, giving you a quieter overall experience.
*Airflow improvements compared to the 71-blade ROG fan design, as tested internally by ASUS.

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