ROG @ Insomnia 2023: Eat, Sleep, Game…RECAP!

Sep 27, 2023 Written by:ROG Article

Thank you to all that visited us at the i71 Intel stand, we had a blast meeting all our die-hard ROG fans and seeing your enthusiasm for the epic custom builds and systems we brought along.

Massive thanks to Scan for showcasing our Powered by ASUS range and offering exclusive deals on some Starfield ready pre-builts. And Mr Matt Lee for his exquisitely built whisper quiet Noctua build and EVANGELION-01 build.

We had a massive giveaway at the event for the ROG x EVANGELION PC where gamers had to complete a set of Aim Lab challenges. Find out if you were in the top 30 below!

On that note, for those that couldn’t make it or would like to just relive the moment, we’ve got some drool worthy pics of the new ROG x EVANGELION-02 collaboration.


Asuka Strikes with the Ultimate ROG Equipment


ROG continues the EVANGELION project for gamers with a brand-new machine designed and centred around EVA-02 and Asuka. 

The second collection debuted at ROG Gamescom 2023 with motherboards, graphics cards, cardholder, gaming cases, all-in-one coolers, peripherals, and gear. 

Visit our ROG x EVANGELION page where you’ll be able to see the whole range in all its crimson glory and find out when it will be landing on UK shores. 



The All-Singing All-Dancing ROG EVA-02 Build Featured


 Graphics Card

 ROG Strix GeForce RTX™ 4090 24GB GDDR6X OC EVA-02 Edition


ROG Maximus Z790 Hero EVA-02 Edition

All in One CPU Cooler

ROG Ryujin III 360 ARGB EVA-02 Edition


ROG Hyperion EVA-02 Edition

Gaming Mouse

ROG Gladius III Wireless Aimpoint EVA-02 Edition


ROG Strix Scope RX EVA-02 Edition

The lucky visitors were able to enter our competition on our ROG Elite rewards and competition programme to win the entire rig and peripherals. 

Scroll down to find out if you made the top 30 below!

(Check it out here or sign up for more exclusive rewards and competitions like these) 

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Don’t worry if you missed out, as Scan will have the entire build available to purchase as a Powered by ASUS pre-built, bookmark this space. 


The Gamer’s Choice!


We had so many people try our aimlab challenge and really put the ROG Harpe Ace through it’s paces. Impressed by its lightweight, great handfeel and ultra-low latency many of you found the cherry on top being the Aimlab integration.

If you’ve fumbled (speaking for myself here) your way through the pesky grid shot challenge or completed any playlists you’ll notice that Aimlabs recommends some settings to change on your mouse for better performance depending on your style and handling. 

With the ROG Harpe Ace you can just import those best settings with a click of a button, then customise and tweak to your heart's content.

We also had the tempered glass mouse matt - ROG Moonstone Ace L for effortless tracking and smooth swiping.


Here’s One I Made Earlier….


GeekaWhat, touted as the king of pc building guides, was on hand to help attendees get to grips with building their first pc, pitting them against each other in the most brutal gladiatorial time challenges I’ve ever seen.

But more seriously, dispeling a lot of trepidation around putting components together on the pathway to building a pc. 

With many workshop-goers leaving quietly relieved and more confident to take on their first pc project. Many also left with the burgeoning pride of beating their peers in the time challenge. Even though they might have bent a couple CPU pins in the process.

Let’s not forget about the silent master: Mr Matt Lee. Who graced us with builds ‘as seen on YouTube’. The podium acted as a bat signal for PC connoisseurs that marvelled at the impeccable choice of components, use of case space or the impressive cable management.

Credit: @Grizzly (Twitter)

We also had a bunch more stuff on display including the ROG Raikiri Pro game controller, our headsets like the Animate and Delta S Core and a range of peripherals from the diy-itch-scratching ROG Azoth to the no-compromise, compact ROG Strix Scope II 96.


Aim Lab Challenge Leaderboard


Ranking Name AVG Score
1 Nicholas B. 68927
2 Henry C. 67496
3 Kylie K. 63680
4 Callie H. 61483
5 Kamran D. 61410
6 Pranavan S. 60884
7 Benjamin B. 60247
8 Jack G. 59565
9 Jordan S. 59470
10 Lucy L. 56953
11 James M. 56568
12 Shaun B. 55609
13 Anh Alice H. 55563
14 Daria D. 55029
15 Nathan D. 54592
16 Kira L. 53404
17 Matthew S. 52171
18 Jack P. 51938
19 Conor L. 51756
20 David A. 51642
21 Luke P. 50884
22 Zach H. 50683
23 Chris J. 50455
24 Owen V. 50271
25 Tom B. 50099
26 Jet L. 49852
27 Jack L. 48938
28 Blaize P. 48833
29 Alfie C. 48552
30 Bailey T. 48074