The ROG Strix XG49WCR lets you seamlessly control two devices through Smart KVM

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Jan 04, 2023 Written by:ROG Article

You may not find it hard to imagine a world where you use more than one PC at a time — perhaps because you're living in that world right now. If you’re a dedicated streamer, for example, you might well use two PCs, one for gaming and one for encoding. Maybe you’re a part-time day trader who tracks the stock market on one machine while using another PC for work and play. Perhaps you game on your personal device while using your work laptop to keep an eye on the corporate Teams chat. (We won’t tell your boss, we promise.) Or maybe you need a second machine to keep yourself entertained and productive while your dedicated content creation PC chews through time-consuming tasks.  For any of these scenarios and many more, the ROG Strix XG49WCR makes it easy for you to set up a clutter-free, convenient dual-PC setup with its integrated Smart KVM tech — and that’s on top of the exceptional ultrawide gaming experiences that it offers.  

Seeing double  

Debuting at CES 2023, this super-ultra-wide display lets you see the display outputs of two PCs simultaneously. As a 49-inch display with a 5120x1440 resolution, it’s a bit like having two 27” 1440p screens housed seamlessly in one display. Its 1800R curvature wraps the display around the periphery of your vision so that you can see everything clearly.

The ROG XG49WCR monitor on a desk with a desktop PC, laptop, mouse and keyboard, illuminated by blue and pink light.

With your keyboard and mouse connected to the monitor, you’ll easily be able to control two PCs at once. When you move your cursor from one side of the screen to the other, the ROG Strix XG49WCR will automatically flip control from one machine to the other through Smart KVM, no manual switching required.  

Odds are that one of the devices you’ll hook up to the ROG Strix XG49WCR will be a laptop. We make it easy to dock and undock your laptop to your full battle station through the display’s full-function USB Type-C port. It’s wired for 65W USB Power Delivery, so it’ll recharge your notebook even as it accepts a display signal and connects you to the peripherals you’ve hooked up to the display’s integrated USB hub.  On top of that connector, you’ll find an HDMI 2.0 port, a DisplayPort 1.4 port, and an RJ-45 port for wired networking.  

Ready for action 

Smart KVM makes the ROG Strix XG49WCR a multitasking monster, but don’t discount its gaming credentials. As an ROG display, it has gaming written into its DNA. Dig into your favorite games in split-screen mode or spread the digital world across its ultra-wide 32:9 panel—the choice is yours. For gamers of all stripes, but flight or racing sim enthusiasts in particular, the extra-wide aspect ratio delivers even more immersion. 

The ROG XG49WCR monitor on a black background, with a futuristic city shown on screen.

Key gaming specs dial up your experience. The XG49WCR’s 165Hz refresh rate serves up super-smooth gaming visuals. FreeSync Premium delivers tear-free, responsive experiences by enabling a variable refresh rate by default. 125% coverage of the sRGB color gamut means that you’ll enjoy games and media just as their creators intended. The display is calibrated to achieve an average ΔE of less than two, so you can trust it to paint each pixel accurately from the moment you pull it out of the box. You’ll even get a taste of high-contrast HDR experiences, as we’re targeting the color performance specifications of the VESA DisplayHDR 400 certification. 

In one display, the ROG Strix XG49WCR provides immersive ultrawide gaming experiences and the unbounded versatility of Smart KVM, making it the ultimate display for gamers who routinely use two PCs simultaneously. For more information on the pricing and availability of the ROG Strix XG49WCR display in your region, please contact your local ROG representative.