ROG Ally (2023) RC71L

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ASUS estore price £549.00 £699.00
ASUS estore price £549.00 £699.00
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  • Trusted Reviews

    Gaming Hardware of the Year

    A more powerful alternative to the Steam Deck

    UNITED KINGDOM 05/11/2023
  • Gamesradar

    Editors Choice

    Performance is smooth, framerates are up, and I have no doubt this handheld is ready to take on whatever 2024 throws at us.

    UNITED KINGDOM 12/07/2023
  • Laptop

    Editor's Choice

    The Ally is lighter with a more appealing design that’s extremely comfortable to use over long periods of times. It also has a stunning full HD touch display and extraordinary audio performance. And while you will definitely be turning down a few settings to play some of the more graphically demanding games, once you get everything up and running, it really is a fun experience.

    UNITED STATES 05/11/2023
  • CES Innovation Award 2024

    CES 2024 Innovation Awards

    CES 2024 Innovation Awards Honoree

    UNITED STATES 01/08/2024
  • PC Magazine

    4 Stars

    The Asus ROG Ally is not an outright Steam Deck killer, but smart hardware, software, and design decisions make for a fun, exciting Windows-based handheld game console.

    UNITED STATES 05/11/2023

Video Reviews

  • I think it's a steal

  • The performance really stands out on this device

  • This is a strong portable gaming competitor

  • I've had some serious fun with this.

  • I think this is going to be a real winner

  • This is basically the device I've dreamed of, ever since I was 10 years old!

  • Twice as fast as the Steam Deck and it's pretty much handled everything that I've thrown at it.

  • Wow, this is like playing on my main PC!

  • ROG Ally - New Windows Gaming Handheld Launch Event

  • Where I do think ASUS has the opportunity to grab the market is in new PC adopters. People who don’t own a PC and don’t have the cash to build one. For R16,000, this is a fantastic option. Slap on a Game Pass subscription and a Steam Summer Sale session and you have yourself a pretty great platform.

  • "...The ASUS ROG Ally is the most powerful handheld gaming console right now, but you can push it to the extreme by connecting Nvidia RTX 4090 laptop graphics with ASUS’s XG Mobile!"

Media Reviews

  • The ROG Ally is the best handheld gaming PC on the market, and probably the best budget gaming PC full stop.

    PC Gamer

    UNITED KINGDOM 05/11/2023
  • If you want the most capable, compatible handheld gaming platform, this is it.


    UNITED KINGDOM 05/15/2023
  • The gold standard for portable gaming

    Tech Advisor

    UNITED KINGDOM 05/15/2023
  • The release of the Asus ROG Ally is a turning point for the handheld gaming PC scene


    UNITED KINGDOM 05/17/2023
  • The Asus ROG Ally is the perfect balance between gaming PCs and home consoles

    tech radar

    UNITED KINGDOM 05/18/2023
  • The Asus ROG Ally truly feels like the portable Xbox Game Pass machine that many fans have been clamoring for


    UNITED KINGDOM 05/12/2023
  • The Asus ROG Ally has taken the philosophy of Valve's Steam Deck and turned the dial up to 11 in every aspect.


    UNITED KINGDOM 05/20/2023
  • "It also allows the ROG Ally to have VRR which is an absolute godsend in smoothing out frame rates which is a big deal in a device like this."

    Press Start

    AUSTRALIA 06/22/2023
  • "There’s no doubt that the ROG Ally is a great-looking device and it performed very well during my short time with it."

    Shane The Gamer

    AUSTRALIA 06/22/2023
  • The ASUS ROG Ally is an incredibly ambitious device that has entered the portable PC gaming market somewhat in its infancy.

    Checkpoint Gaming

    AUSTRALIA 07/25/2023
  • "The ROG ALLY is now available and offers a truly portable gaming experience."


    AUSTRALIA 08/09/2023
  • "It makes my PC game library accessible in a way that the most powerful computer would fail to by making playing them a console-like experience..."

    Digitally Downloaded

    AUSTRALIA 08/09/2023
  • Perhaps the biggest thing the Ally has going for it is Windows 11.


    AUSTRALIA 05/18/2023
  • I'm still mind-blown that this device is capable of delivering Xbox One S-like performance in a device as small and portable as this.

    Windows Central

    UNITED KINGDOM 01/30/2024
  • A powerful handheld gaming PC, the ROG Ally capably fills the Steam Deck-shaped hole in Australia. If it had a dedicated OS instead of Windows 11, it'd be even better.

    AUSTRALIA 12/15/2023
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