ROG Cetra True Wireless

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ASUS estore price £69.99 £89.99
ASUS estore price £69.99 £89.99
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    The price of 100 euros, which Asus ROG Cetra True Wireless headphones cost on the domestic market, does not seem unrealistic. For that money, you get very good wireless headphones, which are characterized by an interesting exterior, a high level of comfort, really good sound and a capable mobile application.

    CROATIA 02/23/2023

Media Reviews

  • It comes in with strong audio performance, a good mic, and a huge laundry list of features that you really don’t see done well all that often in most earbuds.


    UNITED KINGDOM 07/14/2022
  • The ROG Cetra buds might be aimed at gamers, but they’re an impressive pair of wireless earbuds by mainstream standards.

    Tech Advisor

    UNITED KINGDOM 09/20/2022
  • ASUS White Roundup

    UNITED KINGDOM 07/01/2023

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