ROG Pugio II

ASUS estore price £99.99
ASUS estore price £99.99
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ROG Pugio II

ROG Pugio II ambidextrous lightweight wireless gaming mouse with 16,000 dpi optical sensor, 7 programmable buttons, on-the-fly DPI-adjust button and Aura Sync RGB lighting

  • Optimised connectivity includes dual-wireless 2.4GHz and Bluetooth(BLE), plus wired USB
  • Industry-leading 16,000 dpi, 400 ips optical sensor for exceptional performance
  • Ambidextrous gaming mouse with configurable side buttons
  • On-the-fly DPI manipulation for effortless accuracy adjustments
  • Exclusive push-fit switch socket design, detachable magnetic top cover and customisable badge for effortless DIY
  • Up to 80 hours of wireless gaming with power-efficient sensor
  • Lightweight design for speedy glide, precise control and portability
  • Pivoted button mechanism for fast response and accurate performance, accompanied by a clean, tactile feel
  • Exclusive Armoury II interface enables easy and intuitive settings adjustments


Illuminated for the Elite

The ambidextrous ROG Pugio II gaming mouse has leveled up to become premier choice for the fastest, fittest and finest gamers. Inheriting the iconic style of the original Pugio, the all-new Pugio II boasts tri-mode wireless or wired connectivity, customisable side buttons and delivers long-lasting battery for nonstop gaming from a single charge. With a lightweight design, seven configurable buttons and integrated Aura RGB illumination, Pugio II is the ultimate sidearm for every elite gamers.

Tri-Mode Connectivity

ROG Pugio II offers total connectivity flexibility, with options of ultrafast 2.4GHz, energy-efficient Bluetooth® LE or wired USB. With a convenient radio switch on the underside, it takes just a moment to flit between 2.4GHz or Bluetooth LE for maximised battery
  • Wired USB

  • RF 2.4GHz

  • Bluetooth

SmartHop Technology

ROG Pugio II scans the radio spectrum a thousand times every second, and employs ASUS SmartHop technology to identify and avoid the congestion and interference that surrounds the 2.4GHz band. This enables it to switch to the cleanest channels seamlessly, and in real time, ensuring strong, stable connections no matter where you go or the other devices around you.

Action-Ready Accuracy

We've engineered ROG Pugio II for elite gamers. It packs a top-end 16,000 dpi optical sensor for pinpoint precision, up to 400 inches per second (ips) tracking and 40 g acceleration, and a pivoted button mechanism for rapid response and accurate performance – putting victory firmly within your grasp.
  • 16,000 DPI

  • 400 IPS

  • 40 g


Configurable Magnetic Side Buttons

Configurable magnetic buttons on both flanks provide a truly ambidextrous and ergonomic gaming mouse. This setup makes it easy to customise Pugio II, so you can have up to four buttons, or no side buttons at all, and is newly upgraded with flatter, more ergonomic finish for improved comfort.

Accessory Case

The included accessory case provides dedicated pockets for additional switches, buttons and tweezer, keeping your kit safe and secure in iconic ROG style.
  • Magnetic Cover

    The detachable magnetic top plate slide off quickly and easily, no tools required.
  • Exclusive Push-Fit Switch Sockets

    Easily hot swap the switches that fit your preferred operating force and feedback, and replace worn or broken ones to extend the lifespan of Pugio II.
    Click here to see the full list of compatible switches.
  • Ultra-Durable Switches

    Pugio II benefits from highly durable Omron® switches, rated for 50-million clicks, ensuring superb long-term performance.
  • Customisable Badge and Dongle Storage

    The ROG logo is proudly displayed and we've also included a customisable blank badge, ready for you to make your ROG Pugio II truly unique. The mouse also includes integrated storage for its wireless dongle, keeping it tidy and safe.

DPI On-The-Scroll

ROG Pugio II includes DPI On-The-Scroll, a unique feature that lets you adjust accuracy easily, no software required. Just press and hold the DPI button and then spin the scroll wheel to set the sensitivity freely – enabling everything from ultrafast strikes to slow, stealthy sweeps. Alternatively, just click the button to cycle through four preset DPI levels.

Note: ROG Pugio II's illumination changes to reflect the current DPI setting.

Aura RGB Lighting

ASUS Aura RGB illumination is built right in, ready to make ROG Pugio II shine. Inheriting the essential aesthetics and design of the original Pugio mouse, you'll enjoy a choice of seven dynamic lighting effects. Alternatively, go full on with customisation to create your own effects, easily harmonised across your gaming setup with Aura Sync.
  • Static Static Static
  • Breathing Breathing Breathing
  • Reactive Reactive Reactive
  • Wave Wave Wave
  • Color cycle Color cycle Colour cycle
  • Comet Comet Comet
  • Battery Mode Battery Mode Battery Mode
  • Long–Lasting
    Battery Life

    Game for days on end with up to 69 hours* of play when connected via 2.4GHz or a stupendous 100 hours* over Bluetooth LE.

    * Battery-life estimates are based on using Pugio II without RGB lighting.

  • Seven
    Programmable Buttons

    All seven buttons are configurable, so you can execute macros, favourite functions or complex moves with a single click.
  • Three
    Onboard Memory Slots

    Set up your favourite DPI, lighting or other settings and store them in the onboard memory, ready for action wherever you go.

Armoury II

ASUS Armoury II is an enhanced driver-based peripherals configuration utility that offers extensive controls. An intuitive UI lets you easily tune ROG Pugio II to suit your gameplay – adjust RGB lighting effects, on-board memory settings and more. You can even track hardware stats during gameplay for data analysis.

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Compare ROG Pugio Series

ROG Pugio II
Connectivity Wired/2.4GHz/Bluetooth Wired
Weight 102g (Excluding cable) 103g (Excluding cable)
Max DPI 16,000 DPI 7,200 DPI
Programmable Buttons 7 8
Configurable Side Buttons Yes Yes
Exclusive Push-Fit Switch Socket Design Yes Yes
RGB Lighting 3 zones RGB 3 zones RGB
On Board Memory Profile 3 3
DPI On-The-Scroll Yes -
Pivoted Button Mechanism Yes -
Customisable Badge Yes -
Cable Detachable, Soft-TPE cable Braided
Dimensions 126mm x 57mm x 40mm 120mm x 68mm x 37mm
Connectivity Wired/2.4GHz/Bluetooth
Weight 102g (Excluding cable)
Max DPI 16,000 DPI
Programmable Buttons 7
Configurable Side Buttons Yes
Exclusive Push-Fit Switch Socket Design Yes
RGB Lighting 3 zones RGB
On Board Memory Profile 3
DPI On-The-Scroll Yes
Pivoted Button Mechanism Yes
Customisable Badge Yes
Cable Detachable, Soft-TPE cable
Dimensions 126mm x 57mm x 40mm
Connectivity Wired
Weight 103g (Excluding cable)
Max DPI 7,200 DPI
Programmable Buttons 8
Configurable Side Buttons Yes
Exclusive Push-Fit Switch Socket Design Yes
RGB Lighting 3 zones RGB
On Board Memory Profile 3
DPI On-The-Scroll -
Pivoted Button Mechanism -
Customisable Badge -
Cable Braided
Dimensions 120mm x 68mm x 37mm


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