AeroActive Cooler X

ASUS estore price $99.99
ASUS estore price $99.99
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AeroActive Cooler X

Ultra-cool. Ultra-compact.

The AeroActive Cooler X with the ROG Phone 8 Pro features an angled view from the front.


Super-cool cooling

larger thermoelectric cooling chip
faster fan speed
Up to
thermal efficiency improved1
Up to
drop in back cover surface temperature2
direct phone charging3


Console-like control

Hold the ROG Phone 8 Pro with the AeroActive Cooler X in the hands, with fingers on the cooler’s physical buttons.
physical buttons
pressing control
Up to
200,000 presses
button lifespan1


Standout design


Pocket-friendly and versatile

The size comparison of the AeroActive Cooler X with the previous generation AeroActive Cooler 7.
  1. All images are simulated for illustration purpose.
  1. Test result provided by ASUS labs, actual performance may vary depending on conditions.
  2. Test result provided by ASUS labs, compared to the surface temperature of ROG Phone 8 without AeroActive Cooler X.
  3. We recommend using the official ROG Phone charger to charge the AeroActive Cooler X to ensure a stable power supply.
  4. The estimated differences between size and weight are compared with the AeroActive Cooler 7.


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