ASUS Announces Strix GTX 960


The Strix GTX 960 is a new performance-mainstream graphics card, with a 1,291MHz factory-overclocked GPU and 1,317MHz GPU boost clock in OC mode, giving it a 12% faster than reference boost. The Strix cooler still features the critically acclaimed 0dB design in low temperature (and power) modes, with dual fans keeping cool under heavy gaming loads. The short design and PCB is great for smaller systems, yet it still has a multitude of display connections including three DP, one HDMI And one DVI.

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ASUS R9 280 DirectCU II Graphics Card Launches


Fitting the gap between R9 280X and R9 270X, the R9 280 (note that’s sans-X) is AMD’s performance-mainstream fighter in the graphics card market. The ASUS R9 280 DirectCU II has upgraded the stock card with its custom PCB and cooling; a dual-slot DirectCU II cooler that includes the ASUS exclusive CoolTech fan, while the Super Alloy Power hardware adds DIGI+ VRM and extremely hard-wearing POSCAP’s (polymerized organic-semiconductor capacitors) to simultaneously extend the life of the card, and increase overclocking performance.

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