How To Adjust Cache Voltage To Boost Cache Bus Frequency


Rampage V Extreme and ASUS X99 series owners looking to boost performance can try tweaking the cache bus frequency, while extreme overclocking users can even exclusively boost the voltage to reach the absolute limits. The cache bus frequency is the internal interconnect that loops together CPU cores, L3 cache, PCI-Express and the memory controller together, so a speed up to this subsystem and everything that needs to talk to each other, gets the message across that much quicker!

ASUS First in World to Unleash Full SATA Express Performance

Since the Z87 Deluxe/SATA Express ASUS has been working extensively with Intel and SATA Express SSD chipset manufacturers in developing compatibility and performance reliability for the new standard. Today ASUS is announcing that the joint BIOS development teams have yielded a breakthrough in design, and will implement a technology that is critical for SATA Express to perform at its best — the Separate Reference Clock with Independent Spread Spectrum Clocking Architecture, or SRIS for short.