Faster Than Titan: ROG Launches The MARS 760

Nov 19, 2013 Written by:ROG Article

ROG has just launched a new MARS graphics card: the MARS 760. This is fully-custom designed by ROG!

MARS 760_2D


As both MARS and ARES represent dual GPU products, the MARS 760 represents the ROG graphics team bolting two GTX 760 GPUs to a single PCB! By working closely with Nvidia, both teams have enabled the world's first GTX 760 quad SLI setup: four GPUs in two PCI-Express slots! ROGers with Formula, Hero or even micro ATX Gene boards can get the best gaming performance possible.

"But.. GTX 760 is 'mid-range'?"

The GTX 760 still has 1,152 CUDA cores, which together gives it 2,304: this is Titan territory! Yet, with a GHz+ core clock, it's even faster than Titan, and the Ti 780 in some games!

The MARS 760 is - for the first time - a MARS affordable to many. No longer a limited run 1,000 part device, it provides a real alternative to those interested in buying GK110-territory products.

An Awesome Design: From Outside To In!

Naturally the board has essential ROG design-traits, such as the soft-touch rubber paint against anodized aluminum, red pulsating MARS light you can see through your case window and a dual-slot design so it'll easily fit in your build!



DirectCU II & Super Alloy Power Hardware

DirectCU technology is still core to the design - with two fans, two heatsinks and eight heatpipes keeping the GTX 760 cores cool. Underneath there's a high-endurance frame that doubles-up as a heatspreader for the VRMs and memory. The long card is further braced on the back side - and to protect the additional components - with an aluminium bracket.



The 100% Custom-Designed PCB!

The technology on the PCB is a step even further. The 12-phase DIGI+ VRM design has Super Alloy Power hardware and (Nichicon GT-series) Black Metallic Caps, providing longer life/harder wearing components. On the backside there are over a dozen super-low noise POSCAPs to enhance OC and stability potential.


This powers both GTX 760 cores that run at up to 1,072MHz and the 4GB (2GB per GPU) GDDR5 memory running at 6GHz (effective). These are connected to the PLX PCI-Express 3.0 switch, providing the maximum throughput to the PCI-Express 16x connection. Add another MARS 760, connect the SLI link and you've got Quad-SLI with four GPUs!

Early adopters please note: Due to its entirely unique design, the drivers on the CD must be used to begin with to ensure the card works (otherwise you'll get a black screen), while upcoming revisions of Nvidia's drivers will include support for the MARS 760 directly.

Just how fast is it?

Between 3DMark 11, and popular games such as Bioshock Infinite, Crysis 3, and Tomb Raider, the MARS 760 scores between 6% to 14% faster than its Titan brethren, as shown below.

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