Aug 31, 2011 Written by: MarshallR

MARS II scores an Editors Choice at PC Perspective

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PC Perspective got their hands on the worlds fastest and meatiest graphics card, then dove into details. Here's an excerpt from their review, which is packed with detail and testing so you should definitely check out the full version:

The ASUS MARS II Dual GPU GTX 580 3GB graphics card isn't something that is built for most gamers. Instead it is built to show off the engineering talents at ASUS, the capability the company has to produce truly one-of-a-kind designs and to push the limits of the technology they have access to... ... If you truly must own the most seriously intense wicked-ass piece of gaming hardware, then this is it - no substitutes for quite a while.  The MARS II is the ultimate gaming graphics card if you can afford it.

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Article Tags: Product News
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