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ARES II Review Roundup

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Since its unveiling at CES 2013 earlier in January, the ROG ARES II has been on the test benches hard at work until now! Your RSS feed should be buzzing with news of the limited edition monster, and we've rounded up several ARES II reviews below for your reading pleasure. If you spot anymore, be sure to post them in the forums.

HardOCP: ASUS ROG ARES II Video Card Review

HardOCP put the ARES II through its paces and awards it the coveted Editors Choice Gold Award

The card has been seven months in the making, and ASUS has done an incredible job with the ASUS ROG ARES II. The amount of engineering, customizing, and thought process that went into this video card design is staggering. The level of quality is unsurpassed. The result is a video card that exceeds our expectations in every single area of a video card there is. Power, temperature, overclocking, gameplay performance, ease of use, simplicity, all of it exceeds our expectations. ASUS deserves all the praise we can give it for the ROG ARES II. Any gamer or hardware enthusiast would be proud, excited, and gleeful to own the ROG ARES II.


You can check out the full 11 page review here.

Hardware.info: ASUS ARES II Crossfire X review: the most extreme graphics card times two

Hardware.info takes a look at a pair of Ares II in CrossfireX, lauding its performance and giving it a Gold Award.

There is no doubt about it. The ASUS Ares II is the fastest graphics card ever created, with more than 64,000 points in 3DMark Vantage and almost 21,000 points in 3DMark 11. And that's with a single graphics card. ASUS have proven with the Ares II that their engineers are capable of designing and developing extreme and very high-end products. The decision to use water cooling makes the Ares II even more unique, and takes the concept of dual-GPU cards to yet another level.


You can read the full review and watch a video of the 21,000 point 3DMark run over at Hardware.info

TechPowerUp: ASUS ROG ARES II 6144 MB Review

TechPowerUp Highly Recommends the ARES II, giving it a score of 8.9 out of 10.

The ASUS ROG ARES II is the pinnacle of this generation of graphics cards. It is based on two AMD "Tahiti" GPUs that are, each, overclocked out of the box - to clock speeds beyond those of the HD 7970 GHz Edition. Thanks to an on-board Gen3 PCI-Express bridge, it also maximizes available bus bandwidth.


You can read the full article over at TechPowerUp.

Guru3D: ASUS ROG ARES II gets tested and reviewed

Guru3D gives the ARES II its Top Pick award when it tests a pair in CrossfireX

The LCS cooling, the factory overclock, the six-monitor output, the quality build makes all this a very interesting product. We do feel ASUS came very late to the market with the ARES II though, but it is without doubt the fastest R7970 based graphics card on the block. Good build quality, original cooling and top notch performance is what the ARES II offers and props to the ROG team for outing such extreme hardware, we have deep respect and bow to that.


You can look through the mammoth 29 page review here.

VR-Zone: ASUS ROG ARES II 6GB Review: In a different league

VR-Zone's part 1 of its ARES II review introduces the card, the thermal performance of the liquid cooler and some overclocking results. Part 2 is due soon! 

Article Tags: Product News
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