Apr 15, 2012 Written by: MarshallR

Maximus V GENE and Sabertooth Z77 Media Previews & Reviews

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We rounded up several launch reviews and previews earlier this week, and here's a quick bump to that list as we discover more media previews and reviews you might be interested in: eTeknix reviews the Maximus V GENE and awards it Editors Choice: "Coming in at a fantastic price of £156.92, that board is a must buy upgrade for any existing ROG user that wants a stepping stone ready for the new processors when they come out. Given that it packs a whole load extra features including the isolated sound card to prevent interference from the main proportion of the board, you’ll be mad not to. After seeing what this board has given us, with out a doubt I will be waiting in anticipation for its bigger brother’s arrival in the near future to see what extra it has to offer." SupremeFX III Redline Vortez TV preview and unboxing of the Maximus V GENE:
We also found two previews of the Sabertooth Z77 motherboard by OCaholic and Guru3D, which are worth a look if you are considering a TUF upgrade this time round: OCaholic comments,"With the "Thermal Radar" the Sabertooth Z77 offers good possibilities to control the temperatures and airflow in your case. Using the corresponding software one can control the fans connected to the board and therefore realize highly efficient cooling." Guru3D comments, "New as well is DIGI+ power control, the USB Flashback feature (put the BIOS on an USB stick, power down, press the button on the back panel and it's flashing the firmware). Also a new feature is Network traffic shaping which ASUS calls Network iControl, allowing you to assign and control Ethernet bandwidth. So if you want to reserve precious bandwidth for gaming while downloading, that is now an option as you may program profiles. 

We certainly like the board, it's sexy and you know it. Now all we need is an Ivy bridge processor of course."

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Article Tags: Product News
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