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February Forum PC Mods Roundup

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Here are the projects from the ROG modding forum in the last month. If any other projects have caught your eye – drop us a line – or if you are planning your own, make sure to put it up in the forums too!

1. Bel Air by alain-s

Bel Air by alain-s is a dual loop CoolerMaster Cosmos II case modded to within an inch of its life. The front and top panels have been replaced with polished aluminium bars, the entire PSU mount removed and redesigned and a complicated internal framework added to support the various watercooling radiators and pumps. As if this wasn't enough, alain-s is using bent copper piping instead of the traditional clear, flexible tubing. This is definitely one worth following for the future.


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Casemoder Mviana, from Brasil, is putting his efforts into an expensive TJ11. Buried in the depths is a Rampage IV Extreme, while the main modding materials are adorned in orange. With some great dremel skills, the efforts are definitely worth it given the beautiful construction so far. TJ11-SoPaulo2 3. L3p - Parvum L3p, the creater of the epic D3sk and L4N projects (check out our interview with him) is back with another build, this time with the brand new, all acrylic m-ATX Parvum case. The system features an ASUS Maximus V Gene and an ASUS GTX 690 graphics card, fully watercooled with EK CSQ blocks. The graphics card is mounted on a PCI-E extender so the underside can be seen through the case window, very cool! As always, there is a meticulous eye for detail, L3p has taken the heatsinks from the RAM apart, in order to add the aluminium bars onto the RAM waterblock l3p 7 Not content with just one project, L3p has also been busy updating the Cross by Red Harbinger desk, adding not one, not two, but three ASUS Designo MX239 thin bezel-ed monitors, complete with custom manufactured aluminium mounts. Color us very jealous! Cross 3 [gallery include="" size="medium" link="file" template="file-gallery"] Did we miss any projects that have got you hooked? Or have you started your own log? Drop us a line in the forums and let us know!
Articles: News PC Mods
Article Tags: PC ModsPC Mods
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