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Interview With Pro-Modder, L3p

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After seeing the initial renderings for his full-cover waterblock for the MARS II, we dropped pro-modder, L3p, some questions about how he got interested in cutting up tech:

ROG: When did you start PC modding and what got you into PC modding in the first place?

L3p: I started with PC’s about 17 years ago and got pretty addicted to online gaming. That’s where I got the online nick ‘L3p’, which is short for Leprechaun. Back then hardware really made a difference for online gaming; about 14 years ago a typical PC setup didn’t focus much on airflow. So my first PC mods were actually based around creating more airflow with extra fans, simply to better my gaming.


ROG: How many mods have you made? 

L3p: I don’t remember how many small airflow improvement mods I did for me and my friends, but quite a lot back then! More significantly, my first watercooled mods were in a single and a dual Cooler Master Stacker STC-T01, while the real hardcore modding for overall aesthetics started with my Corsair 800D case. This propelled me onto the ‘L3p D3sk’ and the ‘L3p L4n’ build, while I'm currently preparing the ‘Cross by Red Harbinger Desk’!

ROG: What is your inspiration behind each mod?

L3p: At first it's just improvement of the case or component temperatures, but now the looks count just as equally too. Mostly it's a hobby, it’s just to keep busy.

ROG: Where is the best place to mod?

L3p: Personally I prefer a spot where I’m completely alone, can make a mess and drink endless cups of coffee while modding. Here that’s my loft and barn.

ROG: What is in future for your mods?

L3p: I’m still waiting for the copper milling of the custom MARSII block for my ‘L4n’ build. While I'm waiting I'm already preparing my next build, called the “Cross by Red Harbinger”. With all the interest around the “L3p D3sk” the last year I formed a company with some other modders. Thomas, Scott, Chuck, Shawn, Daniel and I have been busy designing a desk for the masses for over 6 months and the the first sample will be ready in a few weeks, after which it will be fully tested. We will place the build-log on the most popular PC tech and modding forums, including ROG as well, off course!


Thanks to L3p for his time answering our questions. For more information about his projects and mods, go to www.l3p.nl and www.redharbinger.com

Article Tags: PC Mods
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