Jul 29, 2014 Written by: MarshallR

Max Your Mem: 128GB DDR3 Support On ASUS & ROG X79 Motherboards

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Memory manufacturer, I'M (Intelligent Memory), recently announced the first 16GB DDR3 DIMMS. During the development of these unique memory modules, ASUS' R&D team have been working closely with I'M and Intel to qualify current ASUS and ROG X79 motherboards with the new memory standard, delivering a new maximum of 128GB of DDR3 memory (8 x 16GB). This is the largest capacity available for a single CPU (consumer) system.

Extreme memory footprints are sometimes required for professional or prosumer needs like content creation or server related activities, or gamers can use ROG's bundled RAMDisk software to build even bigger drives for incredible performance.

The beta BIOS' are out now for these ASUS and ROG X79 motherboards:

The picture below shows the P9X79 Deluxe running a 32M SuperPi with 128GB installed.


Article Tags: Product News
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