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  • Overclock3d.net

    enthusiast Award

    "In our eyes, ASUS’ ROG Hyperion is the epitome of enthusiast PC hardware"

    UNITED KINGDOM 07/14/2023

Video Reviews

  • The Ultimate 4090 PC?! | ROG GR701 HYPERION Gaming PC Build | ASUS Strix 4090, i9 13900K Custom Loop

  • ASUS ROG Hyperion GR701 Build - Step by Step Guide

  • ASUS ROG Hyperion GR701 Build

  • ROG Hyperion GR701 Gaming Case Review

    Media Reviews

    • Earlier this year ASUS released their ROG Hyperion GR701, a colossal PC enclosure that's designed with airflow and huge components in mind. We have been interested in reviewing this enclosure since it launched, but high demand for the case, and some unfortunate events have prevented us from getting access to the case until very recently.


      UNITED KINGDOM 07/14/2023
    • An excellent flagship model that stands out not only for its stylish design and quality materials, but also for its attention to detail


      RUSSIA 05/10/2023

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